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Nutrition as a Complementary Therapy

Nutrition is often overlooked in health care and viewed as a non-scientific modality. The aim of this chapter is to demonstrate that nutrition does have a scientific base and is worthy of implementation in the prevention and treatment of disease, even in today’s technological age. The chapter will provide health practitioners with a basic understanding of nutrition and the role it plays in health and disease. Nurses are often the first port of call in relation to health advice and the information in this chapter will help them enlighten those with whom they come into contact.

Contents include

  • history
  • nutritional influences on the aetiology of disease
  • brain ageing and neurological functions
  • fatigue and lack of vitality
  • indications and contraindications of nutritional supplements
  • nursing and nutrition: a poweful therapeutic relationship.
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Author / Editor Biographies

RN, Accredited Natropath, Bachelor of Naturopathy, GradDip (Iridology), Cert (Homoeopathy) and GradDip (Nutritional Medicine).
Gregory May has practiced as a registered nurse and naturopath in both Victoria and Western Australia and possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the health industry. His particular interest lies in the ageing and degenerative process and he has also been strongly involved in community education. Greg was a regular guest speaker on Melbourne community radio station 3MDR and he continues to focus his attention on community education and awareness

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