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Nutritional Assessment and Tube Feeding

  • Help in identifying an individual's nutritional needs
  • Selection of formulae
  • Includes a flowchart for deciding type of tube-feeding formula
  • Tabulated summary of the equipment required for enteral feeding
  • Discussion of the three main regimens for administering formula
  • Addresses how and when to administer food and store formulae
  • Clearly outlines how to care for and maintain equipment

This chapter gives an overview of nutritional assessment, selection of formulae, the equipment and methods used for tube feeding, feeding regimens and pumps.

Contents include

  • Introduction
    • Nutritional assessment
      • Issues to be assessed
      • Nutritional requirements
    • Selection of formulae
      • Volume of formula
      • Types of formula
      • Availability and preparation of stock
      • Unexpected shortages of formula
    • Equipment and methods
      • Equipment
      • Containers
      • Closed systems
      • Decanting
    • Feeding regimens
      • Continuous feeding
      • Intermittent feeding
      • Bolus feeding
    • Pumps
    • Administration of feeds
      • Steps in administering feeds
      • Documentation of feeding regimen
    • Storage of formulae
    • Timing of feeds
    • Care and maintenance of equipment
  • Appendix 4.1
  • Appendix 4.2
  • Conclusion
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Jacqui Bailey is a dietitian who holds a master's degree in nutrition and dietetics, a bachelor's degree in science, and a graduate certificate in paediatric nutrition and dietetics. She is a member of the Australasian Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, and Nutrition Australia. Jacqui has worked as a clinical dietitian for eight years. She was responsible for establishing a home enteral nutrition service for La Trobe Regional Hospital (Victoria, Australia) and for designing educational materials relating to tube feeding at home. Jacqui understands the intricacies of caring for peopl...

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