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Occupational Health and Safety

The management of occupational health and safety requires constant attention in all industries and workplaces. However, the need to apply safety-management systems in aged care has only recently come to prominence. This has been brought about by the requirements of industry accreditation, spiraling workers’ compensation costs and the provisions of government legislation. All industries and workplaces must achieve their respective industry standards and comply with legislative requirements. The aged-care industry is no exception and this chapter describes how a structured safety-management system can be developed to minimise risk and ensure compliance with required standards.

Contents include

  • Self-regulation
  • Components of a safety management system
  • Hazards and risks
  • Accidents and incidents
  • Emergency systems
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Author / Editor Biographies

Sue is a Nurse Consultant and Educator. She has substantial experience working as a clinical, manager and teacher in both the private and public health care sectors. As well, she has worked as Director of Nursing of a residential aged care facility, clinical nursing in corrections health and regular night nursing shifts. She is well known as an informed, humourous and interesting teacher on a range of professional topics relevant to all levels of nursing.

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