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On Being Wounded

  • Includes a tabulated summary of the important people in the history of wound management
  • Covers how to care for a person with a wound and the impact of wounding
  • Provides a relevant case study
  • Addresses complementary therapies, legal aspects and professional conduct

From the moment of birth, and the cutting of the umbilical cord, every person is reliant on the body's health mechanisms. From then until death, people are at the mercy of the environment and its many potential hazards. Wounding is a part of everyday life. Although many people need to deal with only relatively minor cuts, others experience major wounds.

Contents include

  • History of wound management
  • Nursing a person with a wound
  • The impact of wounding
  • Patients as partners in care
    • Providing effective education
    • Ability to adhere to treatment regimens
  • Promoting optimal wound-management practice
    • Barriers to evidence-based practice
    • Complementary therapies
    • Legal aspects and professional conduct
    • The influence of the trade
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