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Palliative Care

The aim of this chapter is not to cover in detail all the issues of practical management and symptom control for dying elderly people. Rather, the aim is to present a broad understanding of palliative care and its application in aged care. Practical case studies are provided, together with two narratives that amplify the discussion of whether dying elderly people actually need palliative care, and why palliative care has evolved into a medium for providing a dignified and respectful death in an institutionalised setting The broader aim is to counter the common perception that being in a nursing home is a ‘fate worse than death’ and the extreme view that suicide or euthanasia is a preferred option.

Contents include

  • The changing demographic scene
  • Goals for end-of-life care
  • Planning
  • Palliative care narratives
  • Principles and guidelines for palliative care
  • Death, dying and dementia
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Author / Editor Biographies

Aged Care Palliative Care Consultant, RN, Dip Arts, B App Sci (adv.nsg) Grad Dip Geront. Nsg, B Theol, M Theol, PhD,FRCNA, FAAG
Dr Rosalie Hudson's varied nursing career is focused on aged care, dementia care and palliative care. As a consultant nurse educator, with qualifications in theology, she explores end-of-life issues for older people; as an author, teacher and associate professor with the University of Melbourne, she seeks to raise the profile of gerontic nursing. Rosalie has had twelve years of experience as a director of nursing of a 50-bed nursing home, as well as extensive experience in community nursing practice.

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