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Palliative Care in Chronic Illness

This chapter is concerned with specialist palliative care of people suffering from illnesses other than cancer and specifically with the provision of specialist palliative care for adults because specialist palliative-care services for children are already predominantly concerned with those experiencing conditions other than cancer.

Contents include

  • Introduction
  • What is the focus of specialist palliative care?
  • Is there a need for service expansion?
    • Social needs
    • Patient needs
    • Current services
  • What are the issues relating to service expansion?
  • How could the services be configured?
    • patient needs
    • resource use
  • What are the implications for the future?
    • New models of working
    • Collaboration and teamwork
    • Education
    • Research agenda
  • Conclusion
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Author / Editor Biographies

Palliative Care
Julie qualified as a nurse in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK) in 1985 and worked in general medicine before specialising in intensive care. After completing a BEd for health-care professionals, she worked as a lecturer practitioner in cardiac care at Kings College University (London, UK). This experience stimulated an interest in end of life care for patients with chronic illnesses. She joined the Trent Palliative Care Centre (UK) in 1994 where she has been involved in a variety of projects, including a study of the palliative care needs of patients with end-stage respiratory disease. Julie's current...
Sheila is a health psychologist with a background in nursing. She has a research chair with the Sheffield Palliative Care Studies Group based at the Trent Palliative Care Centre, University of Sheffield (UK), and was formerly director of the Health Research Unit at the University of Southampton (UK), a multidisciplinary group undertaking research in health and social care. Shiela's main research interests are in palliative care, bereavement and psychosocial oncology and she has a special expertise in the use of qualitative methodologies. Sheila has undertaken two research fellowships in New Ze...

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