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Parkinson’s Disease and Brain Attack

As we age there is an increasing likelihood of both episodic ill health and chronic illness. Whilst we recognise that chronic conditions do become widespread in aged care, the challenge is to limit the functional consequences and to continue to optimise quality of life. Parkinson’s disease (a progressive neurodegenerative disorder) and stroke (a potentially catastrophic and disabling acute event) are common conditions responsible both directly and indirectly for significant morbidity and mortality. In this chapter we will outline the principles of management of these conditions occurring in ageing people living in the community. Such principles can also be applied to other similar disease states.

Contents include

  • Parkinson’s disease reviewed
  • Aetiology
  • Diagnosis
  • Common problems and their management
  • Issues in pharmacological management
  • Stroke
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Author / Editor Biographies

Michael J Murray is the Consultant Geriatrician and Manager of In-patient Services - Medical, St George's Health Service and on staff at St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne.

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