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Practicalities and Challenges of Providing Psychosocial Care

  • Exploration of how psychosocial care is delivered and accomplished
  • How to set up and carry out strategies for enhancing care delivery
  • Lists and explanations of professional and practical considerations
  • Brochure templates provided

This chapter explores the types of psychosocial care and how it is given to patients. It guides health professionals, with clear and comprehensive lists, guidance on how to approach patients while keeping in mind both professional and practical considerations. The chapter also has examples and templates to clarify each point made.

Contents include

  • How is psychosocial care delivered?
    • The structure of cancer services
    • Models for delivering psychosocial care
    • Care delivery strategies
  • Strategies for enhancing care delivery
    • Orientation to cancer care services
    • Managing referrals
    • Setting up a service
  • Professional considerations
    • Communication and confidentiality
    • Feedback and clinical documentation
    • Professional boundaries
  • Practical considerations
    • Collegial relationships
    • Complaint management
  • Putting it all together
  • Resources for health professionals and references
  • Resource sheet 2.1: Team brochure template (a)
  • Resource sheet 2.1: Team brochure template (b)
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Tish Lancaster is a registered nurse who holds an oncology certificate and bachelor's degree in health science (nursing). She is a fellow of the College of Nursing (NSW), a fellow of the Royal College of Nursing, Australia, deputy chairperson of the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia, and the chairperson of the society's Research Advisory Committee. Tish has worked as a cancer nurse for more than 20 years, and is currently the clinical nurse consultant for gynaecological oncology at Westmead Hospital (Sydney, Australia).

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