This chapter contains the preliminaries to Asian Mothers, Western Birth. The preface has been written by Dr. Pranee Liamputtong Rice, of the Latrobe University School of Public Health. A listing of the contents is provided, as well as a foreword and a list of contributor biographies.

Contents include

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Biographies of contributors to Asian Mothers, Western Birth.
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Author / Editor Biographies

Cultural - medical anthropologist
Dr Pranee Liamputtong is a medical anthropologist whose interests include the health of women, children, immigrants, refugees, older people, and transgender individuals. In terms of health issues, Pranee is very interested in issues relating to motherhood, reproductive health, sexuality, sexual health, and mental health. She has carried out a number of research projects with refugee and immigrant women in Australia and women in Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand. Recently, Pranee has focused her research on the sexuality and sexual health issues of Asian women and refugee/immigrant gro...

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