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Promotion and Professional Relationships

  • Addresses new challenges faced by nurse managers such as changing relationships with colleagues
  • Encourages nurse managers to look at familiar situations from an alternate perspective
  • Advises on how to cope with new situations such as new working hours and extended responsibilities
  • Promotes the importance of seeking out a mentor, listing the advantages of such a practice

Becoming a nurse manager can be both personally and professionally challenging. It can be exciting but can also change relationships within the workplace. This chapter advises on how to cope with the transition to becoming a nurse manager and provides suggestions for maintaining good relations with colleagues.

Contents include

  • Self-knowledge
  • Deputising for a nurse manager
  • From clinical nurse to nurse manager
  • Working relationships with peers
    • Dealing with history
    • Dividing personal and professional
  • Less time working directly with patients
  • Familiar situations from a new perspective
    • From the inside looking out
    • An extended working environment
  • Situations not previously encountered or anticipated
    • Survival
    • Working hours
    • Extended responsibilities
  • Situations that other nurse managers deal with effectively
    • Being different
    • Talking things through with colleagues
    • Workplace supervision
    • Mentoring
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Author / Editor Biographies

Dr Brenda Harrison operates her own independent nursing practice, Minerva Consultants, from her base in rural Victoria, Australia. She trained as a psychiatric and general nurse in the UK and has qualifications in education and management. Brenda has been a senior academic and held key clinical positions. She has also established and managed a rural community service for carers of people with mental illness. In her current practice Brenda provides management, education, and supervision, and is engaged by individuals, non-government organisations, and businesses. She also works closely with gov...

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