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My Experience of Coeliac Disease
My Experience of Coeliac Disease
Nursing Lecture
Added: 20/12/2016
Coeliac disease is often thought of as an invisible disease, yet it is considered to be one of the most common lifelong diseases worldwide. This enlightening session will revealing what it is like to ...experience coeliac disease. The perspective of a person living with coeliac disease who is also a nurse will set the scene for this two-day conference.
'Stressed Out' - Physical Responses to a Harsh Environment
'Stressed Out' - Physical Responses to a... Harsh Environment
Nursing Lecture
Added: 14/12/2016
The physical experience of being incarcerated permanently or even temporarily in a correctional facility is likely to lead to adverse physical and psychological effects. How does a typical prison or c...orrectional environment, where isolation and sensory deprivation are commonplace, impact the body's stress response?
Smoking Cessation - How do Prisoners Quit Smoking?
Smoking Cessation - How do Prisoners Qui...t Smoking?
Nursing Lecture
Added: 13/12/2016
The decline in smoking rates in the general public has not been replicated in the correctional setting. Furthermore, the experience of forced abstinence from cigarettes may be much more difficult in t...his environment. Most existing smoking cessation (SC) studies are quantitative and focus on smoking prevalence and/or the efficacy of behavioural or pharmacological interventions. This session will present a qualitative study that examined recently smoking prisoners engaged in a period of SC that was not necessarily of their choosing.
Nutrition Solutions - Dietary Guidelines for Prisons
Nutrition Solutions - Dietary Guidelines... for Prisons
Nursing Lecture
Added: 09/12/2016
Quality nutrition in correctional settings represents a huge opportunity for improvements in health outcomes. This session looks at the history, challenges and solutions related to nutrition in correc...tional settings. Includes: History of food and nutrition in the correctional setting Chronic disease and nutrition research QCS Food and Nutrition Policy and nutritional guidelines Positive effects of providing optimal nutrition to prisoners Challenges to providing optimal nutrition to prisoners Nutrition solutions - how to encourage prisoners to make better nutrition and lifestyle choices.
High BMI - How to Meet the Challenges of Breastfeeding
High BMI - How to Meet the Challenges of... Breastfeeding
Nursing Lecture
Added: 29/11/2016
Obesity has become a concerning and prevalent health problem in Australia and is an important risk factor in women's reproductive life and during the perinatal period. A high BMI can also significantl...y affect breastfeeding outcomes.
Laugh and the World Laughs with You... Laughter Yoga
Laugh and the World Laughs with You... L...aughter Yoga
Nursing Lecture
Added: 29/11/2016
Great nurse managers have a sense of humour. Miserable nurses create miserable workplaces which is particularly worrying in environments where the work can be, at times, overwhelming and emotionally d...raining. Humour has particularly healing and beneficial qualities. This final session looks at how nurse managers can infuse humour without callousness into the work they do and, in so doing, create better places to work and deliver better care.
Variety is the Spice of Life - Capitalising on Uniqueness
Variety is the Spice of Life - on Uniqueness
Nursing Lecture
Added: 28/11/2016
There are large variations in management styles. However, a common theme of great management is the ability to identify uniqueness and work individually with staff to acknowledge and develop their qua...lities. Great nurse managers do not view staff as a homogenous group but operate at a range of levels.
Are Great Nurse Managers Born or Made? That is the Question
Are Great Nurse Managers Born or Made? T...hat is the Question
Nursing Lecture
Added: 24/11/2016
Some schools of thought believe great managers are made. This session looks at the qualities of a great nurse manager and debates how much of these skills are learned or innate....
Many Hands Make Light Work - Motivating and Empowering Others
Many Hands Make Light Work - Motivating ...and Empowering Others
Nursing Lecture
Added: 24/11/2016
Have you ever wondered why some units have highly engaged staff and others don't? This session looks at the need to acknowledge the uniqueness of each staff member and then engage in genuine connected...ness. In so doing, it will reveal how engagement and motivation can be provoked.
The Role of Clinical Supervision: What Great Managers Need to Know
The Role of Clinical Supervision: What G...reat Managers Need to Know
Nursing Lecture
Added: 23/11/2016
Clinical supervision is the process of two or more professionals formally meeting to reflect and review professional practice with the aim of supporting the individual at work....
Gold Nuggets for Communicating with Colleagues
Gold Nuggets for Communicating with Coll...eagues
Nursing Lecture
Added: 03/11/2016
Too little? Too much? Too quiet? Too bossy? Are these ever the type of communication dilemmas that face you in your workplace?...
What to do When People Worry About Being Sick
What to do When People Worry About Being... Sick
Nursing Lecture
Added: 02/11/2016
At a time when a person needs all the strength they can muster to get fit and well again, they may find they are held back by a deep sense of worry and loss of control over their life. They may have a... condition which will never heal and which causes them to live in a perpetual state of anticipatory fear.
Building Your Communication Confidence in Teams
Building Your Communication Confidence i...n Teams
Nursing Lecture
Added: 01/11/2016
In this session we will look at effective communication that helps build successful teams. Unpack common barriers to communication. Come away knowing what makes you feel valued, how to best show your ...appreciation for the people you work closely with and build great teams!
Cancer - Non-Pharmacological Pain Management Strategies
Cancer - Non-Pharmacological Pain Manage...ment Strategies
Nursing Lecture
Added: 31/10/2016
A review of modern non-pharmacological methods for pain reduction in people with cancer. ...
eChapter  9
Added: 28/02/2013
This comprehensive eChapter provides an in-depth and wide ranging explication of the viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites that can cause infections of the vulva and vagina. Illustrated with copious ...high quality photographs, both rare and common infections are described, as well as tips for diagnosis and contemporary treatment pathways. This resource is suitable for any health professional providing clinical services in the areas of women’s health and paediatrics.
The Dermatologist's Perspective
eChapter  2
Added: 28/02/2013
It is increasingly common for gynaecologists and dermatologists to work in partnership in the diagnosis and management of diseases of the vulva and vagina. This is because understanding the of dermatology applicable to the vulva and vagina has repeatedly been shown to be a valuable adjunct to the rationalisation of diagnosis, classification, investigation and management of disease. This eChapter describes these fundamentals in detail, describes the common dermatological conditions of the vulva, and provides guidance regarding contemporary treatment options.
The Basics
eChapter  6
Added: 28/02/2013
This richly illustrated eChapter provides an overview of the anatomy, histology and microbiology of the female genital tract. Including sections on embryology, illustrated anatomy, histology, and the ...non-epithelial cells and hormone receptors of the vulva, the eChapter serves as an excellent primer or reference for both those wishing to refresh their knowledge of the female genital region, and those wishing to explore the other eChapters of the Vulva and Vaginal Manual.
Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders and Di...sorders of Pigmentation
eChapter  11
Added: 28/02/2013
This eChapter is part of the Vulva and Vaginal Manual, and draws together two important areas associated with the treatment of diseases of the vulva and vagina: diseases cause by endocrine and metabol...ic disorders, and diseases caused by disorders of pigmentation. A range of disorders are described, including their clinical features, diagnosis and treatment, and this illustrated eChapter will be a valuable resource for anyone wishing to refresh their knowledge of this complex aspect of women’s health.
The Oncologist’s Perspective
eChapter  3
Added: 28/02/2013
Although cancers of the vulva and vagina are uncommon, they are a particularly challenging disease to treat. Understanding the diagnosis and management of benign, pre-malignant and malignant is greatly enhanced when conducted in a collaborative manner with a gynaecologic oncologist, or with an understanding of the fundamentals of an oncological approach. To address this need, this eChapter provides an introductory review of the oncologists perspective towards the diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the vulva and vagina.
The Psychologist's Perspective
eChapter  4
Added: 28/02/2013
Managing patients with gynaecological difficulties requires a great deal of sensitivity as well as an understanding of female sexuality, psychosocial and cultural issues. The genitals have many social..., religious, emotional and moral connotations and, along with sexual behaviour, still carry many taboos. As such, working in this area requires a sound knowledge base, patience and good interview skills. This eChapter aims address that need and clarify some of the nonmedical factors associated with chronic vulvar symptoms.

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