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Medicines Associated with Thyroid Disease
Medicines Associated with Thyroid Diseas...e
Nursing Lecture
Added: 09/11/2016
Medicines are commonly prescribed for thyroid dysfunction. Hypothyroidism is the most common disorder of the thyroid gland and affects more women than men. This session looks at medicines related to h...ypo- and hyperthyroid disease.
Nurse Practitioners Working with Pharmacists - A Team Approach
Nurse Practitioners Working with Pharmac...ists - A Team Approach
Nursing Lecture
Added: 08/11/2016
The trend towards the provision of interprofessional care to patients is accelerating as it has clear benefits. This development offers a major opportunity for strong working relationships between Practitioners and pharmacists. This session looks at the many benefits of team drug therapy decision making between NPs and pharmacists.
Corticosteroids - Appropriate Use and Prescribing
Corticosteroids - Appropriate Use and Pr...escribing
Nursing Lecture
Added: 04/11/2016
Although corticosteroids are complex substances that are a mainstay of many therapeutics, their use may cause unwanted side effects. This session reviews the particular issues surrounding their prescr...iption.
Gold Nuggets for Communicating with Colleagues
Gold Nuggets for Communicating with Coll...eagues
Nursing Lecture
Added: 03/11/2016
Too little? Too much? Too quiet? Too bossy? Are these ever the type of communication dilemmas that face you in your workplace?...
What to do When People Worry About Being Sick
What to do When People Worry About Being... Sick
Nursing Lecture
Added: 02/11/2016
At a time when a person needs all the strength they can muster to get fit and well again, they may find they are held back by a deep sense of worry and loss of control over their life. They may have a... condition which will never heal and which causes them to live in a perpetual state of anticipatory fear.
Building Your Communication Confidence in Teams
Building Your Communication Confidence i...n Teams
Nursing Lecture
Added: 01/11/2016
In this session we will look at effective communication that helps build successful teams. Unpack common barriers to communication. Come away knowing what makes you feel valued, how to best show your ...appreciation for the people you work closely with and build great teams!
Cancer - Non-Pharmacological Pain Management Strategies
Cancer - Non-Pharmacological Pain Manage...ment Strategies
Nursing Lecture
Added: 31/10/2016
A review of modern non-pharmacological methods for pain reduction in people with cancer. ...
Aligning Prevention of Infectious Disease with a Person's Culture
Aligning Prevention of Infectious Diseas...e with a Person's Culture
Nursing Lecture
Added: 26/10/2016
In order to reduce the prevalence of infectious disease, it is essential to understand the cultural practices of any given community. This session looks at the relationship between cultural practices ...and disease prevention.
Infection Prevention and Control in the Tropics - Practical Nursing Care
Infection Prevention and Control in the ...Tropics - Practical Nursing Care
Nursing Lecture
Added: 24/10/2016
The luxury of resources such as clean running water, gloves and gowns is not always afforded in tropical environments. However, the necessity to uphold the highest standards of infection prevention an...d control is essential.
A Self Care Approach to Building Personal Resilience
A Self Care Approach to Building Persona...l Resilience
Nursing Lecture
Added: 03/10/2016
If we cannot be resilient personally how can we be resilient in the work setting? Increasing personal resilience is a strategy for surviving and thriving in the face of workplace adversity. This final... session will explore:
Strong Body - Strong Mind
Strong Body - Strong Mind
Nursing Lecture
Added: 30/09/2016
There is a link between a feeling of confidence and positivity and physical strength. People who regularly exercise often pride themselves on their ability to achieve more because they feel fitter. session explores the relationship of exercise to an ability to bounce back under duress. Includes:
Resilience in the Face of Chronic Illness
Resilience in the Face of Chronic Illnes...s
Nursing Lecture
Added: 28/09/2016
The diagnosis of any chronic progressive illness can be a traumatic experience. People wonder how they will be able to cope and health care professionals wonder how they can help those so affected. Al...though resilience is commonly associated with coping with trauma, catastrophic events, or personal tragedy, increasing attention is being paid to resilience in response to chronic illness. This session reflects on:
Resilience and Professional Relationships
Resilience and Professional Relationship...s
Nursing Lecture
Added: 26/09/2016
Robust social supports are important ways for building emotional resilience. When difficult situations and adversity in your work setting occur, constructive collegial relationships are essential. Thi...s session includes:
Promoting Resilience in Patients
Promoting Resilience in Patients
Nursing Lecture
Added: 23/09/2016
When a person becomes a ‘patient’ there is a shift in the locus of control from person to practitioner. This can cause a profound sense of vulnerability at a time when a person is unwell. People r...espond to this situation in different ways. This session looks at the evidence for nurses to promote resilience in patient and includes:
Surviving and Thriving in Nursing Today
Surviving and Thriving in Nursing Today
Nursing Lecture
Added: 21/09/2016
Nursing is currently in a state of profound flux which is going to require strong and resilient leadership if it is to progress successfully as a profession. This session looks at how nursing can not ...only survive but thrive amongst this time of volatility and uncertainty. Includes:
When Perception is the Wild Card
When Perception is the Wild Card
Nursing Lecture
Added: 19/09/2016
How you perceive situations affects your response to them and ultimately is reflected in your level of resilience. In this session a light will be shone on the role of emotional intelligence and how i...t assist you to be more resilient. Includes:
Why Engaging in Positive Psychology is Essential
Why Engaging in Positive Psychology is E...ssential
Nursing Lecture
Added: 16/09/2016
Positivity affects perceptions, attitudes, and expectations. Positive emotions have been shown to increase feelings of energy, help you cope with adversity, and feel more optimistic about life. To suc...cessfully survive we need to create a positive culture that promotes camaraderie and teamwork. Includes:
How Resilient Are You?
How Resilient Are You?
Nursing Lecture
Added: 14/09/2016
There are tools which can be used to determine your personal level of resilience and which can also be used in your workplace. In this short session you will have the opportunity to complete a resilie...nce scale and reflect on your performance.
The Resilient Practitioner: Building Workplace Resilience
The Resilient Practitioner: Building Wor...kplace Resilience
Nursing Lecture
Added: 12/09/2016
Resilience in nursing is key to maintaining wellbeing and professional stability. This introductory session includes:...
How Maternal Depression and Anxiety can Affect an Infant's Nutrition
How Maternal Depression and Anxiety can ...Affect an Infant's Nutrition
Nursing Lecture
Added: 07/09/2016
This final session reviews the impact that maternal depression and anxiety can have on feeding behaviour. It looks broadly at the relationship of nutrition and mental disorders and explores the cascad...e of effects that can result. Includes:

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