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Coeliac Disease - An Under-Diagnosed Condition?
Coeliac Disease - An Under-Diagnosed Con...dition?
Nursing Lecture
Added: 02/07/2015

Public awareness of gluten intolerance has increased in recent years, yet coeliac disease - affecting 1 in 70 Australians - remains under diagnosed. In this Nursing Lecture, Dr. Jason Tye-Din descr...ibes the causes, presentation and diagnosis of coeliac disease and provides advice on management.

Practical Solutions for Nocturnal Enuresis
Practical Solutions for Nocturnal
Nursing Lecture
Added: 07/05/2015

Nocturnal Enuresis, or incontinence at night, is more prevalent than we may think, and it is a problem for people across the entire lifespan - not just the very young and old. In this revealing nur...sing lecture, Norah Bostock explains the causes of this dysfunction, discusses the practical and psychosocial impacts on the indvidual, and provides some sensible advice on management.

The Technology Enabled Nursing Workforce - Ongoing Competency
The Technology Enabled Nursing Workforce... - Ongoing Competency
Nursing Lecture
Added: 25/03/2015

How will nurses be educated to work with new technologies in the future? How will ongoing competence be assured in a digital era? Dr Ian McGrath says that now that technology permeates most aspect...s of nursing care, nurses need to be adequately prepared to manage future developments and develop new technologies.

Body Worn Devices and Implants - Advanced Epileptic Seizure Warning Methods
Body Worn Devices and Implants - Advance...d Epileptic Seizure Warning Methods
Nursing Lecture
Added: 23/03/2015

This interesting session showcases a Melbourne innovation that has the potential to dramatically improve the life of patients who have epilepsy. For nurses, it offers early warning signs that a sei...zure may be about to occur. Associate Professor David Grayden explains the research that is underway to develop this new technology and looks at how it will work in the field.

Genetic Insights: New Options, New Hope
Genetic Insights: New Options, New Hope
Nursing Lecture
Added: 04/03/2015

Access to the genetic code of a person is set to significantly change the way health care is delivered and will have a profound effect on health care provision and outcomes. Use this lecture by Dr ...Sue Forrest to understand what this will mean for your nursing care and adapt the education you provide, your ethical decision-making and practice accordingly.

Understanding Food Refusal in the Allergic Child
Understanding Food Refusal in the Allerg...ic Child
Nursing Lecture
Added: 02/03/2015

"She just won't eat!" Feeding a child with multiple allergies who refuses to eat can be a struggle for parents but usually there is a way around this. In this lecture, Michelle Meehan explains why ...some children with allergies may refuse to eat and how you can assist parents to overcome this struggle.

The Challenge - Acute on Chronic Pain
The Challenge - Acute on Chronic Pain
Nursing Lecture
Added: 23/02/2015

Sue Querruel says that acute pain management for surgical patients who experience chronic pain can be a challenge for many nurses. In this session, learn about the treatment and best practice assessment that will enable you to tackle this challenge head on.

Caring for Sick Neonates Outside the Neonatal Unit
Caring for Sick Neonates Outside the Neo...natal Unit
Nursing Lecture
Added: 20/02/2015

Caring for sick neonates outside of the neonatal unit can be challenging and is different to caring for older infants and children. In this lecture, learn about the assessment and management of sic...k neonates outside of the neonatal unit. Equip yourself with the skills to care for babies who may have been discharged from hospital at a very early stage only to return back to your workplace with what may be a serious illness.

Which Type of Business Structure is Best?
Which Type of Business Structure is Best...?
Nursing Lecture
Added: 18/02/2015

All businesses, large or small, require a structure in order to maximise the value of outputs. A range of different structures exist in Australia and nurses and midwives working in private practice... need to ensure that they comply with the rules that govern these. Use this lecture to understand the reasons why the structure of your business is important and which structure may be right for you.

Surgical Nursing- What's Old is New Again
Surgical Nursing- What's Old is New Agai...n
Nursing Lecture
Added: 16/02/2015

As surgical units become busier and more complex than ever, how do we meet these challenges and keep up with the need to provide care for increasingly complex patients? What is old that can become again?

Looking After the Pennies - Finance Fundamentals
Looking After the Pennies - Finance Fund...amentals
Nursing Lecture
Added: 05/02/2015

Setting up your own business is also the beginning of your journey towards financial and commercial literacy. Rob Lockhart talks us through the fundamentals of managing business finances and the ma...ny rules rules surrounding the commercial aspects of handling money.

Red Alert! Recognising Serious Illness in Infants and Children
Red Alert! Recognising Serious Illness i...n Infants and Children
Nursing Lecture
Added: 03/02/2015
Identify an assessment tool for recognising serious illness in an infant or child...
Changes and Challenges in Surgical Nursing
Changes and Challenges in Surgical
Nursing Lecture
Added: 22/01/2015

The nature of surgical procedures today and the increasing co-morbidity of patients are just some of the impacts on surgical nursing practice. Sue Queurruel says that surgical patients are more co...mplex than ever, presenting unique challenges for nurses working in this speciality.

Funding Sources - How to Get Paid
Funding Sources - How to Get Paid
Nursing Lecture
Added: 16/01/2015

How you receive an income to support yourself must be identified before you do anything. However, many nurses are unclear how the 'pathway to income' occurs. This session looks at a range of fundin...g sources that may be of benefit to nurses working in private practice.

One Drink Too Many? Men and Alcohol
One Drink Too Many? Men and Alcohol
Nursing Lecture
Added: 07/01/2015

Who uses alcohol in our society, and who abuses it? We know about the effects on our physical and psychological health, but how can we address this with men over the age of forty-five?

Sleep Tight- No Snoring
Sleep Tight- No Snoring
Nursing Lecture
Added: 19/12/2014

There is increasing research about the importance of sleep not only to our physical health but also our mental well being. In this lecture Dr Clare Anderson explains the normal changes in sleep tha...t occur due to advancing age. Learn about some of the key sleep concepts and why men and women sleep differently.

Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction
Nursing Lecture
Added: 17/12/2014

Stuart Wilder says that we probably don’t talk about erectile dysfunction enough, however it is a very significant issue for men and will become more of a concern in the future. Use this lecture enhance your understanding of erectile dysfunction and the role of nurses in the assessment, diagnosis and management of this condition. Learn how erectile dysfunction can mask underlying co-morbid conditions.

Smoking and the Effects on the Unborn Foetus
Smoking and the Effects on the Unborn Fo...etus
Nursing Lecture
Added: 15/12/2014

This session by Dr Mary Tolcos looks at recent research that directly implicates smoking in lasting epigenetic influences in the brain structures or function of future generations. The outcome is t...hat midwives need to know the true consequences of smoking in pregnancy.

Fear and Anxiety - Allaying an Occupational Hazard
Fear and Anxiety - Allaying an Occupatio...nal Hazard
Nursing Lecture
Added: 12/12/2014

Have you ever driven home from work and worried that you forgot to document something important? Well rest assured, you're not alone. Anticipatory fear and anxiety are an occupational hazard of man...y health professionals. This interesting session by Heather Harris looks at what causes nurses and midwives to worry and how this can be managed.

Training the Body for Childbirth and Beyond
Training the Body for Childbirth and Bey...ond
Nursing Lecture
Added: 08/12/2014

Is starting an exercise program during pregnancy safe? If so, what type of program is appropriate? In this session Liana Quach describes the benefits of practicing pilates during and after pregnanc...y. Learn about some common types of pilates exercises for pregnant women and how you can assist your client to choose the right class.

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