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The Midwife and the Bereaved Family
Published: 2000
This book is based on women’s experiences and has been written for midwives, by a midwife. The chapters follow a chronological pattern from early pregnancy loss through to late pregnancy loss. The c...hapter on subsequent pregnancy is useful as a guide for the midwife who will be caring for that woman and her family.
Why the World Needs Nurses: An Anthology... of Perspectives
Published: 2011
Events of recent years have shown how actions taken in one country will likely be felt around the world. Intertwined with political and social policy, the global economic downturn has overshadowed crises that may prove to be even more devastating.
Palliative Care Nursing: A Guide to Prac...tice - 3rd Edition
Published: 2012
Most nurses, at some stage of their career, will be called on to care for a dying person and so it is important that all nurses have the knowledge, skills, compassion and wisdom to care for people nea...r the end of life. Palliative Care Nursing is a reliable and useful practice guide which will be relevant to nurses in all settings. This book is committed to the principles inherent in the practice of palliative care – respect, dignity, excellence, advocacy, equity and accountability. The individual chapters are authored by an international team of nurses who offer evidence, research and strategies for providing the finest approaches for palliative care within different situations and environments
Palliative Care Nursing: A Guide to Prac...tice - 2nd Edition
Published: 2003
In all cases, palliative care is a challenge. Thoroughly updated, rewritten and revised this third edition offers nurses and healthcare professionals an evidence-based approach to providing better car...e for people in palliative care and for those who love and support them.
Gynaecological Cancer Care: A Guide to P...ractice
Published: 2005
Gynecological cancers represent the second most common group of cancer and the most common cause of cancer deaths in women. This Ausmed textbook teaches the art of caring for women experiencing these ...cancers. This book has the capacity to enable a very real difference to be made to the lives of women who may be diagnosed with gynecological cancers from a person-centered perspective.
Gastrostomy Care: A Guide to Practice
Published: 2004
Gastrostomy care is a complex topic. This book will greatly assist in understanding the care needs of a person with a gastrostomy tube, provide guidance in managing those needs appropriately, and people to make informed choices about their tube feeding.
Care of Sick Children: A Basic Guide
Published: 2006
Care of Sick Children: A Basic Guide is for all those parents and carers who have felt the anxiety of not knowing what they should do when a previously well child in their care is suddenly injured, or... unexpectedly becomes ill.