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Nausea and Vomiting
eChapter  12
Added: 20/07/2009
This chapter emphasises that the nurse's role in the management of nausea and vomiting requires excellent assessment skills and contemporary knowledge of physiology, current pharmacology and appropria...te non pharmacological interventions...
Nutrition and Hydration
eChapter  13
Added: 22/05/2009
This chapter addresses the nutritional and hydration needs of people receiving palliative care with an awareness that the major tenet of palliative care is the comfort of the individual......
Malignant Wounds
eChapter  14
Added: 22/05/2009
The problems associated with a malignant wound can have a devastating effect on a person's well being and can cause a marked decline in quality of life. This chapter guides nurses through how to manag...e 'fungating' or malignant wounds...
Confusion and Terminal Restlessness
eChapter  15
Added: 21/07/2009
This chapter explores the phenomena of acute confusion and terminal restlessness. The current evidence regarding assessment and management is discussed and practical strategies are provided for nurses... caring for confused patients...
Psychological and Existential Distress
eChapter  16
Added: 21/07/2009
Potential causes of transient distress in palliative care include insensitive comments, long waits in clinical departments and disease symptoms. Such potential causes of distress should be an importan...t focus of attention in everyday nursing practice..
Sexuality and Body Image
eChapter  17
Added: 21/07/2009
This chapter aims to highlight why sexuality and body image need to be considered in the palliative care context and outlines strategies to assist nurses to discuss and respond to sexuality issues tha...t can arise in the palliative-care setting...
Complementary Therapies
eChapter  18
Added: 21/07/2009
This chapter shows nurses how the use of complementary therapies can be understood as an empowerment strategy that can be used by palliative-care patients and their families to regain a sense of contr...ol over their illness and its management...
Working with Families
eChapter  19
Added: 21/07/2009
This chapter focuses on work with care of families in the palliative phase of a person's illness......
eChapter  20
Added: 21/07/2009
This chapter provides guidelines to assist in the identification of people at risk of adverse bereavement outcomes, highlights the importance of grief education, and provides examples of different of general bereavement support...
Palliative Care in Chronic Illness
eChapter  21
Added: 21/07/2009
This chapter is concerned with specialist palliative care of adults suffering from illnesses other than cancer......
Ageing, Dementia and Palliative Care
eChapter  22
Added: 17/06/2009
This chapter discusses communication and planning; the nurse's role as story-teller; whose voice will be heard?; problems with communication; and when 'enough is enough' in relation to palliative care......
Caring for Dying People in Critical Care
eChapter  23
Added: 21/07/2009
This chapter explores issues of caring for dying people in critical care through interviews with doctors and nurses in general adult critical-care units in the United Kingdom (Seymour 2001)......
Paediatric Palliative Care
eChapter  24
Added: 21/07/2009
This chapter provides an overview of the issues involved in paediatric palliative care and the strategies that can be used in a comprehensive approach to care......
eChapter  Prelims
Added: 09/08/2009
Prelims: Foreword, Contents...
Spirituality: Connectedness Through Bein...g and Doing
eChapter  1
Added: 03/08/2009
This chapter outines the concept of spirituality and its historical place in nursing; reviews reasons for the neglect of spirituality in nursing theory, education and practice; and highlights a spirit...ual orientation to mental health nursing practice...
Nurses as Wounded Healers
eChapter  2
Added: 03/08/2009
This chapter presents the notion of the wounded healer as a pattern for the preparation of a healer who is equipped to work with the whole person, body, mind, emotion and soul/spirit......
The Patient Nurse
eChapter  3
Added: 03/08/2009
The discovery that our power truly does come from the same source as our wounds helps us to see the nurse as wounded healer, to see the patient in every nurse, . . . and the nurse in every patient. To... explore this mystery is to open ourselves to the realm of spirituality; to the gifts of wonder, heightened awareness, deeper connections, and the possibilities of a fuller life even in the face of suffering and death.
Spirituality as a Healing Force
eChapter  4
Added: 03/08/2009
This chapter offers ideas, not opinions fixed like concrete in my mind, but a glimpse into my ongoing and ever-evolving view of spirituality - what it is and what it implies within the uniqueness of t...he nurse-client relationship.
Spirituality in Care
eChapter  5
Added: 03/08/2009
The process of providing spiritual support for a person can be very challenging yet equally rewarding for the caregiver. There are times when the exercise has a successful outcome and times when it is... not so apparent.
Ageing, Spirituality and the Nursing Rol...e
eChapter  6
Added: 03/08/2009
It is at the final stage of the life cycle that holistic nursing care should be practised. Nurses working in this specialty need a basic understanding of the spiritual dimension and ageing in our soc...iety to be able to deliver effective nursing care...

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