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eChapter  6
Added: 28/05/2009
Food is essential to life and is one of life's great pleasures, but eating and nutrition can be problematic and a source of stress to people with dementia and those who care for them. This chapter con...siders the factors that play a part in this problem and suggests some practical approaches for alleviating difficulties.
eChapter  7
Added: 28/05/2009
For health-care professionals working in long-term care, the question of how to deal with frail people who wander is a constant challenge. In this chapter, learn more wandering including its types, ca...uses and how it can be effectively managed...
Sensory Loss
eChapter  8
Added: 28/05/2009
A major presenting sign of dementia is a decline in communication skills. Dementia affects the ability of people both to understand language and to express themselves verbally and non-verbally. In add...ition, a person who has dementia might also have hearing loss and/or visual loss. In this chapter learn more about sensory loss in dementia patients; its causes, detection and management.
eChapter  9
Added: 28/05/2009
Effective communication plays a crucial role in all care giving, especially in the provision of care to people with dementia. This is not only because of the day-to-day communication problems that can... be caused by dementia, but also because of the broader obligation to maintain the quality of life of those receiving care. This chapter presents strategies which will assist nurses to communicate better, especially with dementia patients.
eChapter  10
Added: 28/05/2009
The use of restraint is a contentious and emotive issue. Some argue that restraint should never be used, whereas others suggest that, in certain circumstances, it might be the only means of keeping a ...person safe. The premise of this chapter is that the effects of restraint should largely be seen as adverse. This chapter addresses what is meant by restraint, why it is used, and who are the people who tend to be restrained.
Quality Use of Medicines
eChapter  11
Added: 28/05/2009
The use of medicines to treat and prevent disease has enhanced the health and well-being of people throughout the world. This chapter focuses on the meaning of the term 'quality use of medicines' (QUM...) in the care of people with dementia. It explores some of the factors that influence clinical decision-making and some of the challenges to QUM. Real-life examples from residential aged care are used to highlight what is actually happening in some aged-care facilities and how nurses can play a crucial role in influencing QUM.
eChapter  12
Added: 28/05/2009
Incontinence has serious implications for people with dementia, and is often the main reason for admission to a residential aged-care facility (Fonda et al.1994). This chapter addresses the complex is...sue of incontinence and dementia and informs nurses about the different types of incontinence and how they can be managed, assessed and treated.
Falls Prevention
eChapter  13
Added: 28/05/2009
This chapter describes the range of activities that can be used to reduce falls among elderly suffering dementia and allows nurses to identify an individual's risk, to determine appropriate management... strategies and to implemement a tailored program...
Pain Management
eChapter  14
Added: 28/05/2009
The uniqueness of pain and the difficulties that older people with dementia can have in expressing their pain can make pain a solitary experience. Non-verbal signs and symptoms of pain can be easily o...verlooked. In this chapter, learn more about the experience of pain in older people and how to assess an elderly resident's pain and manage it effectively.
eChapter  15
Added: 28/05/2009
This chapter aids nurses to assess and diagnose depression in their patients in association with other team and family members, as well as assist in the implementation of relevant management strategie...s...
eChapter  16
Added: 28/05/2009
Aggressive behaviour often occurs in association with dementia. This chapter addresses aggression and allows readers to understand people who are supposed to be 'aggressive', assess their behaviour an...d attempt to avoid and manage it...
Pressure Sores and Wounds
eChapter  17
Added: 28/05/2009
A multidisciplinary approach to pressure care and wound management is essential in dementia patients. Pressure wounds are the most preventable chronic wounds in clinical practice and their impact can significantly reduced by preventative measures...
Palliative Care
eChapter  18
Added: 28/05/2009
This chapter details the benefits of offering palliative care to people dying with dementia - benefits that are shared by residents, staff, families and the whole nursing home community. It addresses ...common concerns...
eChapter  19
Added: 28/05/2009
This chapter encourages nurses to focus upon the person with dementia rather than upon the person with dementia, opening up a whole new range of possibilities for care and understanding. A 'person-cen...tred' approach to care is discussed and nurses are encouraged to recognise moments of intimacy which can enliven the days of people with dementia, and also their own.
Listening to the Person with Dementia
eChapter  20
Added: 28/05/2009
This chapter encourages nurses to recognise the importance of listening to stories and engaging in the significant act of 'storying' with their dementia patients. It includes a relevant case study prompts nurses to pay attention to their patients' stories in the hope that they (their patients) do not feel isolated, frustrated or neglected.
eChapter  21
Added: 28/05/2009
In this chapter, learn about the importance of leisure and how to undertake simple activities that can improve the quality of life of dementia patients......
Creative Care
eChapter  22
Added: 28/05/2009
This chapter explores a range of options that can be employed in the care of those with dementia in residential aged care. It focuses on the idea that care should never be generic and should focus on ...the needs of the individual person with dementia...
Eden Alternative, The
eChapter  23
Added: 28/05/2009
The Eden Alternative is a method of aged care organization that focuses on a different philosophy than the 'traditional', medical philosophy adopted by most Aged Care facilities and institutions....
Dementia Care Mapping
eChapter  24
Added: 18/05/2009
This Chapter discusses Dementia Care Mapping (DCM); a structured observational method for recording what a person with dementia is engaged in, and the quality of his or her response to that engagement......
End Matter
eChapter  End Matter
Added: 28/05/2009
This chapter contains the index to the Ausmed chapter series Dementia Nursing: A Guide to Practice. In addition to this useful reference, a glossary of key terms included in the series is included and... a post-series test that readers may find useful to check their knowledge.

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