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Northern Territory Men: Australia's Health and Policy Neglect
eChapter  3
Added: 30/07/2009
Because the prevailing social context sets the scene for lifestyle patterns, an examination of the changing social context of the Northern Territory provides crucial indicators for the social living a...nd health issues confronting male Territorians...
Masculinity and Self-Care
eChapter  4
Added: 30/07/2009
This chapter aims to shed light on the relationship between masculine cultures and health behaviour patterns as well as to identify social norms that have impeded improvements in men's health status......
Alcohol and Other Drug Issues in Contemp...orary Australia
eChapter  5
Added: 30/07/2009
The aim of this chapter is to provide the reader with an overview of alcohol and other drug use in Australia, and to present the relationship alcohol and other drug use has to men's health......
Nurse's Role in Implementing Men's Healt...h Promotion Programs in the Australian Community
eChapter  6
Added: 30/07/2009
This chapter will focus on primary health care and the benefits it brings to the Australian community and particularly to men within that community......
Enhancing Men's Health
eChapter  7
Added: 30/07/2009
At present in Australia, men are obviously much less healthy than women in terms of both mortality and morbidity. At the same time, some aspects of men's health are improving due to social and cultura...l change..
Successful and Healthy Ageing Among Aust...ralian Men
eChapter  8
Added: 30/07/2009
This chapter will examine older Australian men, gender variations in ageing, the indicators of successful ageing and look at the implications for health and community professionals......
Men's Contribution to Health Care Within... the Family
eChapter  9
Added: 30/07/2009
This chapter will explore the friction that exists between traditional masculine roles and the need to expand those roles in order to maximise the health status of the family......
Healthy Fatherhood
eChapter  10
Added: 29/07/2009
This chapter discusses the current status, role and function of men as fathers. It also presents the point of view of health professionals and fathers......
Men's Transition to Parenthood
eChapter  11
Added: 29/07/2009
This chapter discusses how the transition into parenthood is very different for men and women......
Walking on Eggshells-Postnatal Depressio...n and the Subsequent Parenting for Men
eChapter  12
Added: 29/07/2009
This chapter highlights the need to develop a body of knowledge about men's health that goes beyond the mainstream concerns of physical wellbeing......
Male Sterilisation: Changing the Culture... of Families
eChapter  13
Added: 29/07/2009
This chapter discusses the choices and issues and implications surrounding male sterilisation in the form of vasectomy......
You have Prostate Cancer
eChapter  14
Added: 29/07/2009
This chapter provides a first-hand account of a man suffering from prostate cancer. It relates his story from when he was first diagnosed, his treatment and his recovery......
Testicular Cancer: Michael's Story
eChapter  15
Added: 29/07/2009
This chapter relates the story of a young man who suffered from testicular cancer......
Living with HIV/AIDS
eChapter  16
Added: 29/07/2009
This chapter follows a man living with HIV/AIDS. In a highly personal manner, it describes in detail all elements of dealing with the virus and delves into working and socialising with HIV/AIDS......
End Matter
eChapter  End Matter
Added: 22/06/2009
This chapter contains the index to the Ausmed chapter series Promoting Men's Health: An Essential Book for Nurses. In addition to this useful reference, a glossary of key terms included in the series included and a post-series test that readers may find useful to check their knowledge.
The Gynecologist's Perspective
eChapter  1
Added: 28/02/2013
The Gynecologist’s Perspective provides the fundamental guidelines for performing an accurate assessment on any patient presenting with a vulvar or vaginal complaint. A thorough assessment forms the... foundations for an accurate diagnosis, and this in turn leads to an optimal and effective management plan for the patient. Written by a distinguished gynaecologist, this eChapter provides the reader with a systematic gynaecological assessment methodology that is thorough, easy to understand and simple to apply in clinical practice.
The Dermatologist's Perspective
eChapter  2
Added: 28/02/2013
It is increasingly common for gynaecologists and dermatologists to work in partnership in the diagnosis and management of diseases of the vulva and vagina. This is because understanding the of dermatology applicable to the vulva and vagina has repeatedly been shown to be a valuable adjunct to the rationalisation of diagnosis, classification, investigation and management of disease. This eChapter describes these fundamentals in detail, describes the common dermatological conditions of the vulva, and provides guidance regarding contemporary treatment options.
The Oncologist’s Perspective
eChapter  3
Added: 28/02/2013
Although cancers of the vulva and vagina are uncommon, they are a particularly challenging disease to treat. Understanding the diagnosis and management of benign, pre-malignant and malignant is greatly enhanced when conducted in a collaborative manner with a gynaecologic oncologist, or with an understanding of the fundamentals of an oncological approach. To address this need, this eChapter provides an introductory review of the oncologists perspective towards the diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the vulva and vagina.
The Psychologist's Perspective
eChapter  4
Added: 28/02/2013
Managing patients with gynaecological difficulties requires a great deal of sensitivity as well as an understanding of female sexuality, psychosocial and cultural issues. The genitals have many social..., religious, emotional and moral connotations and, along with sexual behaviour, still carry many taboos. As such, working in this area requires a sound knowledge base, patience and good interview skills. This eChapter aims address that need and clarify some of the nonmedical factors associated with chronic vulvar symptoms.
The Pathologist’s Perspective
eChapter  5
Added: 28/02/2013
Good pathology is crucial to the management of vulvovaginal disease, but how is good pathology obtained? There are two clinical situations in which a tissue sample is sent for pathology: rashes and di...screte lesions. Rashes are sent for accurate pathological diagnosis, but lesions require in addition to confirmation of clinical diagnosis, the pathological assessment of prognostic factors and margins. This eChapter describes both approaches in detail, including biopsy techniques, and tips on how to read a pathologist’s report.

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