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Added: 03/05/2012
Prelims: Foreword, preface and about the authors ...
Where are the Nurses…
eChapter  15
Added: 02/05/2012
Marilyn Gendek is a respected authority of nursing within Australia, having had a diverse range of roles within the nursing profession. With this in mind, her chapter is a fascinating and insightful c...ommentary of the current nursing profession. More specifically, she considers the incongruent role of a 'nurse'; the negative consequences of nursing stereotypes for the improvement of the profession; the further diminishing of nursing numbers and therefore the potential degradation of working conditions. However, this chapter contrasts this with a motivational and prescient discourse about the future of nursing through the inclusion of nurses in policy and role development.
Student Nurses' Perspectives
eChapter  14
Added: 02/05/2012
This is a perceptive commentary into the reasons why a high school graduate chose nursing, and thereby is an invaluable resource in understanding how the youth of our contemporary society view nursing.... Also, the unique position of a career-change to nursing is explored.
A Crucial Commodity: A Filippino Perspec...tive
eChapter  13
Added: 02/05/2012
The worldwide shortage is expected, both currently and prospectively, to create a situation of increasing urgency. This naturally encourages a supply-demand style economics equation with relation to n...urses and their demand. However, this equation transcends borders due to the global impact of the nursing shortage. Answering the question as to 'why the world needs nurses', lawyer Andrew Fornier provides and interesting analysis of this situation. In his chapter, the reader develops an understanding as to the situation of these commodified nurses by looking to the case study of Filippino nurses. Further, he provides a sociological commentary about the current situation of these Filippino nurses in so far as they are paradoxically struggling to find work in a world with an unsatiated demand for them.
Nurse Practitioners = Emerging Roles, Te...chnology and Tension
eChapter  12
Added: 02/05/2012
One important aspect of 'why the world needs nurses' is looking at the contemporary and future role of nurses. That is to say, Nurse Practitioners have been a significant development in the current pr...actice and perception of the nursing profession. Not only have they provided greater efficiency within the health care system, but they have also extended the influence of nurses in recognised positions of authority. All of these topics are raised and discussed in this prescient and fascinating chapter.
Nursing Career Opportunities: A Diverse ...and Multi-skilled Profession
eChapter  11
Added: 02/05/2012
And so begins this chapter exploring just 'why the world needs nurses'. Interestingly, however, Diana Gier looks at the multi-faceted and diverse career opportunities for nurses or individuals with a ...nursing qualification. Looking first to clincial settings, a number of career ideas are identified; including management and administration positions, public health nursing, prison or jail nursing, nurse practitioner, and nurse educator to name but a few. In addition, more unusual nursing careers are also highlighted - such as being a 'telenurse', legal nurse consultant, sexual assault nurse examiner, military nurse, and nurse lobbyist.
Nursing and Humanity: The Unteachable Ta...lent
eChapter  10
Added: 02/05/2012
Whilst the difficulties inherent in mental health nursing can tend to discourage and overwhelm some nurses, the touching and sincere effects that mental health nursing provide are interestingly discus...sed in this chapter.
Mental Health Nursing: An Awesome Profes...sion
eChapter  9
Added: 02/05/2012
Providing an optimistic, youthful and forward-thinking perspective on the nursing profession, Pieta Shakes' perspective as to 'why the world needs nurses' is a refreshing glimpse into the view of the ...profession from people in the beating heart of it, so to speak! Additionally, the fact that Pieta works in mental health is equally significant - it appears mental health may be one of the major health care issues in the near future.
How Nursing Made Me a Better Person
eChapter  8
Added: 02/05/2012
The perspective of nursing as a compassionate, humanitarian occupation is interesting when coming from an English male nurse. This is because of the rareness with which this class of nurses can be fou...nd. Nevertheless, Martin Austwick provides an opinion of the nursing profession as being one engendering benevolence and kindness. To support these statements, however, he uses two anecdotes of personal patient experiences he has had. He shows how both the primary interaction and the long-lasting effects of these experiences are threads consistent throughout all nursing of inciting greater empathy and making an individual a 'better person'.
Never Too Late: Nursing at 40
eChapter  7
Added: 02/05/2012
Following from the requirement to gain global, distinctive perspectives on 'why the world needs nurses', this chapter provides a fascinating insight into a male, 40 year old, career-changing, Scottish... highland-dwelling, nurse. Nevertheless, this chapter explores a breadth and depth of issues surrounding the necessity and role of nurses.
Nurses: Indispensable Colleagues
eChapter  6
Added: 02/05/2012
This is another chapter exploring the significant contribution nurses make to the physician/doctor's profession. Using personal anecdotes, Dr Benjamin Kartchner is able to give clear examples of how v...ital nurses are in the health care setting. He first looks at student- and newly graduated- doctors. Their inexperience, complemented by utter fear and trepidation, usually results in hesitantly following directions given to their supervisor - with the patient's life being that at risk as a consequence.
A Doctor's Perspective on Nurses
eChapter  5
Added: 02/05/2012
The tensions and relationship between a doctor and nurse is one of significant interest - particularly given the well-known traditionalist superiority stance historically transient throughout many hea...lth care settings. With this knowledge in mind, Dr Beth Hodges provides a doctor's perspective as to why our world needs nurses. In a logical, realistic manner, she outlines the indispensability a competent nurse has for a doctor's effective administration of health-care.
Nurses as Advocates of the Weak, Vulnera...ble and the Elderly
eChapter  4
Added: 02/05/2012
One important cohort of society, which nurses ordinarily care for, are the Elderly. Their senility, coupled with their often inability to communicate in a manner in which they are heard, means that ca...n be easily disregarded - as can the tireless individuals caring for them. This chapter, written by a registered nurse, provides a perspective on the significance of nurses from a 'grassroots level'. Not only does Christine Whitmarsh acknowledge the standard struggles and dilemmas experienced by nurses (which proves just why the world needs nurses), but she also flags potential concerns nurses have about the future of their profession - concerns necessary because of the worldwide relevance they have to the nursing future more generally.
Feeling Human Again
eChapter  3
Added: 02/05/2012
This important chapter centres around a personal anecdote and thus provides a patient's perspective as to why nurses are so needed. Every patient's story is different - not least because they each hav...e different injuries; attend different health care facilities; and have different rehabilitation needs. Despite this, Carole S Frankling promotes a resounding, unifying aspect of the nursing experience - the caring experience. Her professionalism in writing complements the touching subject matter of her chapter, restoring in the reader a sense of compassion and humanity.
Angels of Mercy: Nurses on the Battlefie...ld
eChapter  2
Added: 02/05/2012
This echapter looks at the topic of 'needing nurses' from a more historical perspective. By profiling and exploring significant nurses from varying points in history, the angelic and humanitarian attr...ibutes of nurses are unequivocally identified. A book on the 'worldwide' perspectives on nurses means that those nurses referenced in this chapter hail from a variety of locations and eras - from the Crimean War to the First & Second World Wars; the American Civil War to the Vietnam War.
Introduction: The Nursing Crisis
eChapter  1
Added: 02/05/2012
This echapter provides a fascinating yet intellectually stimulating perspective on the current situation of nursing. Whilst this topic is naturally extensive, Ms Wellings approaches and discusses it w...ith a mature and logical manne; resulting in an evidence-based sociological exploration.
Non-infections Dermatoses
eChapter  10
Added: 02/05/2012
There are a range of non-infectious dermatoses that can afflict the vulva and vagina. Although not infectious, a great deal of disease falls into this category. They can be extremely distressing, pain...ful and can even have fatal outcomes. This eChapter from the Vulva and Vaginal Manual is a comprehensive review of these conditions, and uses high resolution imagery and histological slides to aid the description, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment guidelines that are provided by the author.
The Midwife and the Bereaved Family
Published: 2000
This book is based on women’s experiences and has been written for midwives, by a midwife. The chapters follow a chronological pattern from early pregnancy loss through to late pregnancy loss. The c...hapter on subsequent pregnancy is useful as a guide for the midwife who will be caring for that woman and her family.
Grief: It Won't be the Same Without Him
eChapter  4
Added: 01/05/2012
This chapter provides insights into the disruptive nature of death within a close community. It also highlights the nature of partnership when indirect carers take their place among other carers....
A Short History of a Big Idea: The Joann...a Briggs Institute 1996-2006
Published: 2006
This book overviews the establishment of the Joanna Briggs Institute and its rapid development as an international leader in the promotion and facilitation of evidence-based health care. Medical, and allied health practices have traditionally been founded on knowledge and expertise handed down from predecessors. It is now recognized that effective, appropriate professional practice is based on sound evidence provided through research.

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