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Role of Management in Palliative Care

  • Discussion of what defines and what is required of management
  • Identifies important legislation which must be recognised by management
  • Explanation of the philosophy of care underpinned by the values of the organisation
  • Standards of care, policies, procedures and protocols are identified
  • Explains how management can inform residents/patients of support networks available
  • Advices management on staff recruitment, supervision and support
  • Offers advice on how to deal with criticism and complaints

This chapter outlines some of the major responsibilities of management in the care of older persons who are dying. It explains how management can provide older people with confidence that dying of old age need not be a nightmare to be dreaded. The chapter contends that even though the responsibility of management is onerous, the rewards are immeasurable. It outlines various policies, standards of care and procedures and offers advice on staff recruitment and how to deal with certain situations and provides examples to aid with points raised.

Contents include

  • Introduction
  • Leadership and resources
  • Legislation
  • Philosophy of care
  • Standards of care
  • Policies, procedures, protocols
  • Information for residents/patients
  • Information and support for families
  • Staff recruitment, supervision, and support
  • Educational support
  • Liaison with other agencies
  • Dealing with criticism and complaints
  • Conclusion
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Aged Care Palliative Care Consultant, RN, Dip Arts, B App Sci (adv.nsg) Grad Dip Geront. Nsg, B Theol, M Theol, PhD,FRCNA, FAAG
Dr Rosalie Hudson's varied nursing career is focused on aged care, dementia care and palliative care. As a consultant nurse educator, with qualifications in theology, she explores end-of-life issues for older people; as an author, teacher and associate professor with the University of Melbourne, she seeks to raise the profile of gerontic nursing. Rosalie has had twelve years of experience as a director of nursing of a 50-bed nursing home, as well as extensive experience in community nursing practice.
Palliative Care
Professor Margaret O’Connor is the inaugural Professor of Nursing at Swinburne University in Melbourne. Prior to this she was the Vivian Bullwinkel Chair in Palliative Care Nursing at Monash University, where she established and led a successful Palliative Care Research Team. Margaret’s research has been widely published, concentrating on models of palliative care , issues of culture and the end of life needs of particular population groups. From 2006 to 2011 Margaret served as the President of Palliative Care Australia and in 2005 she was made a member of the Order of Australia for h...

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