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Selecting, Recruiting, and Retaining Staff

The current global shortage of nurses has created a highly competitive market in the recruitment of nurses. Health services are competing with each other to recruit suitably qualified nurses and the health industry as a whole is trying to attract school and university students to undertake nursing studies. This competitive environment has ensured that a critical component of the work of nurse managers is the recruitment and retention of nursing staff. 

Recruitment occurs at several levels: marketing to school students that nursing is a rewarding career option, as well as advertising and interviewing for specific vacancies. Retention begins even before a nurse commences employment by ensuring that any assurances offered prior to employment are fulfilled. It should be remembered that the components required for good staff retention can differ from person to person; however, the general principles behind being an employer of choice will ultimately lead to an ongoing better retention rate.
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Alan Scarborough is a registered nurse, a registered mental health nurse, a fellow of the Royal College of Nursing, Australia, and an associate fellow of the Australian College of Health Service Executives. He holds qualifications from Flinders University, South Australia in a diploma of applied science and a bachelor and master's degrees in nursing, as well as a master's degree in business

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