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Spirituality as a Healing Force

Spirituality is a complex phenomenon, the definition of which has occupied the minds of thinkers throughout the centuries. In a recent radio interview the interviewer asked a young Australian doctor currently working in Somalia whether or not many aid workers choose to work in wartorn countries for spiritual reasons. The doctor replied, 'Well, I guess some do go for religious reasons.' The doctor is not alone in assuming that spirituality and religion are synonymous. I suggest, however, that they are not.

What I offer you in this chapter are ideas, not opinions fixed like concrete in my mind, but a glimpse into my ongoing and ever-evolving view of spirituality - what it is and what it implies within the uniqueness of the nurse-client relationship.

Contents include

  • Introduction
  • Attempting a definition of spirit and spirituality
  • Spirituality in concert - The sharing of humanness in the nurse-client relationship
  • Spirituality, the sharing of humanness as a healing force
    • Nurse as ordinary person - nurse's perspective
    • Nurse as ordinary person - client perspective
    • Nurse as ordinary person - a relative's perspective
  • Is sharing humanness the heart of nursing?
  • References
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Author / Editor Biographies

RN, RM, BN, DipTh and AIMM.
Jacquie Bambery is a registered nurse and midwife with a post-registration Bachelor of Nursing from Deakin University in Geelong, Australia. At the time this chapter was written, she was in her last semester of a Bachelor of Education at La Trobe University in Melbourne and was also undertaking a Diploma of Freelance Journalism through the Australian College of Journalism in Sydney. The holder of a Diploma of Theology, she claims no religious affiliation but has a long-standing interest in the spirituality of all people and finds the teaching of Tibetan Buddhism dynamic and relevant. Jacquie's...

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