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Spirituality: Connectedness Through Being and Doing

In contrast with other disciplines in health care, nursing has long been concerned with the religious and spiritual dimension of personhood. Spirituality is a part of the 'ontological foundation of nursing; it is regarded as a basic characteristic of humanness important in human health and well being' (Reed, 1992:350). This chapter addresses three aspects of spirituality. The concept of spirituality and its historical place in nursing are outlined. Reasons for the neglect of spirituality in nursing theory, education and practice are reviewed. Finally, a reflection on spirituality and work highlights a spiritual orientation to mental health nursing practice.

Contents include

  • History, spirituality and nursing
  • Accounting for the low priority of the spiritual in nursing education and practice
  • Spirituality and work
  • References
  • Other reading
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Author / Editor Biographies

Anne Fry is conjointly appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing by the Faculty of Nursing and Health Studies at the University of Western Sydney - Nepean and the Blacktown City Mental Health Service, both in New South Wales, Australia. Anne has a clinical nursing background in community mental health nursing in inner Sydney and general nursing in Canberra. As a nurse academic, Anne has been in higher education for ten years and has worked at three universities. Her current interests include doctoral studies on the topic of 'Spirituality and mental health nursing', suicide preven...

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