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Spirituality in Care

Caring in nursing incorporates empathy, sensitivity and compassion and these are all qualities with which nurses are familiar (Diers, 1990). These same qualities are described by Price, Stevens and LaBarre (1995) as being very useful in the promotion of spiritual well-being, so nurses are probably not so unfamiliar with practices relating to spiritual care as they might think.

The process of providing spiritual support for a person can be very challenging yet equally rewarding for the caregiver. There are times when the exercise has a successful outcome and times when it is not so apparent.

Contents include

  • Spirituality Described
  • Search for meaning
  • Need for hope
  • Belief in self through love
  • Providing spiritual care
  • Conclusion
  • References
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Author / Editor Biographies

RN, RPN, DipAppSc, BAppSc and MPHC.
After Tony Bush had worked in a number of Australian States and overseas countries in numerous clinical roles, it became apparent to him that spirituality is common to all people, regardless of their background. In recent years, since completing postgraduate studies in palliative care, Tony has found it possible to develop a model of spiritual care for use not only in a clinical capacity but also in his personal life. This appreciation of existential aspects has reaffirmed his belief that spiritual care really does have a place in nursing curricula and that an exploration of such matters will ...

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