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Spirituality in Palliative Care

This chapter discusses the issues and practicalities involved in spirituality in relation to palliative care. It introduces an approach to identifying the spiritual needs of people requiring palliative care. In particular, the spiritual needs of older people, children with life-limiting conditions and their parents, people who are recently bereaved, and those with chronic illness or chronic pain will be discussed. Strategies, or interventions, to provide spiritual care will be also highlighted. Discussions on spiritual caring in palliative care have highlighted that the different health professionals comprising the palliative care team may each provide spiritual caring from the perspective of their respective professional background and experience. This chapter will also provide a clearer understanding of spirituality and spiritual caring. After reading this chapter and some personal reflection, it is hoped that nurses will be able to identify spiritual needs more readily.

Contents include

  • A discussion of the spiritual needs of ill and dying people (and their families)
  • A description of the roles palliative care nurses can play in meeting a person’s spiritual needs
  • A demonstration of practical spiritual caring interventions
  • Practical case studies, and
  • An extensive reference list (including books, journals and websites) for further reading and investigation
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