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Spirituality - The Essence of Cancer Care

  • Defines and introduces the notion of 'spirituality'
  • Nurses guide to help their patient search for meaning
  • Explanation of hope and how this leads to creating a will to live
  • The importance and need for faith is discussed
  • Suggestions for spiritual care are provided
  • Case studies and patient examples are given to aid explanations

This chapter emphasises the appreciation of the role of spirituality and its practical application within the clinical domain. Ample evidence is given and referenced to support the claim that meeting a cancer patient's spiritual needs can also diminish the severity of their symptoms, thus reducing the need for prescribed therapies. It also guides nurses on the importance of spirituality for themselves as well as their patients.

Contents include

  • What is spirituality?
  • Search for meaning
  • The will to live
  • Need for faith
  • Suggestions for spiritual care
  • References
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Author / Editor Biographies

RN, RPN, DipAppSc, BAppSc and MPHC.
After Tony Bush had worked in a number of Australian States and overseas countries in numerous clinical roles, it became apparent to him that spirituality is common to all people, regardless of their background. In recent years, since completing postgraduate studies in palliative care, Tony has found it possible to develop a model of spiritual care for use not only in a clinical capacity but also in his personal life. This appreciation of existential aspects has reaffirmed his belief that spiritual care really does have a place in nursing curricula and that an exploration of such matters will ...

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