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Spirituality: The Heart of Nursing

Modern medicine has bought the marvels of cure to infections and has certainly been responsible for linking technology and cure to life-threatening conditions. At the same time, technology’s very success has also been its major failure: scientific medicine finds it difficult  to answer important questions put forward by our patients- namely, the questions about the meaning of illness, for healing is dependent upon ‘seeing wholes’ not parts or systems of a human being. True healing views a person as body, mind and spirit, and whilst the body receives unprecedented attention from our empirically-driven healthcare system, the mind has a much lower priority, and the spirit is given only the most cursory of considerations. Spirituality - The Heart of Nursing seeks to redress this imbalance, and draws upon the knowledge and experience of 10 distinguished nurse authors to describe and explore the essential role of spirituality in modern healthcare.

Each author contributing to Spirituality - The Heart of Nursing presents a different perspective on the topic of spirituality, and explores of the topic from both the viewpoint of the nurse as a spiritual person, and spirituality as a core attribute of nursing care. Authors review the history of spirituality in healthcare, the nuances of communication, and the role of ‘the patient nurse’. There is a particularly interesting chapter where the author draws upon Jungian and mythological literature to present the concept of the nurse as ‘The Wounded Healer’, and excellent chapters on the incorporation of spirituality into nursing practice, especially into specific areas such as palliative care, dementia care, and aged care. As a whole, the book is designed to be delved into, rather than read from end to end, and will prove to be an excellent resource for any nurse who is concerned with healing the whole person, rather than just the disease.

The eBook Spirituality - The Heart of Nursing is compatible with most eReader devices and software and is now available for members to download. Subscription also entitles members to access the full range of resources that compliment and build upon the material described within Spirituality - The Heart of Nursing including a richly populated catalogue of Audio Lectures, Fast Facts and Video Learning Activities on the topics of spirituality, pastoral care, ethics, mental health and a wide range of other nursing issues. Both members and non-subscribers alike may also purchase a hard copy of this book of from the Ausmed Education Online Bookstore, along with hard copies of the complimentary publication Why the World Needs Nurses - An Anthology of Perspectives.

Contents include

  • Why spirituality is regarded as one of the essential elements of patient care?
  • What exactly is ‘spirituality’ and why is it so important?
  • Healing biologically and spiritually: the interconnectedness of mind and body
  • The history of spirituality and nursing in healthcare
  • Understanding of the importance of ‘The Wounded Healer’ in mythology, and why this is relevant to nurses today
  • Spirituality for the nurse: the significance of understanding ones self .

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