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Testicular Cancer: Michael's Story

This chapter relates the story of a young man who suffered from testicular cancer. Michael was 22 years old and had just gained a position as an engineer when he visited the doctor and was diagnosed with testicular cancer. In the weeks that followed surgery to remove his testicle, Michael had chemotherapy and suffered many unpleasant side effects that are associated with the poisoning of cancer cells. This chapter also explores the issues that arise when a man is faced with a diagnosis of testicular cancer.

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  • Testicular cancer: Michael's story
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RN, RM and Dip (Opthalmic Nursing).
Tom Laws began his career as a registered nurse, specialising in acute care nursing and ophthalmology. After completing an Ophthalmic Nursing Diploma at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London he returned to Australia and studied midwifery. It was as a midwife that he became acutely aware of the limited knowledge that many fathers possessed in relation to childbirth and care of the mother and infant. From that point on he took a keen interest in the way men perceive, access and promote health. A degree in economics from The University of Adelaide provided him with a basis for understanding how mark...

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