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The Importance of Communication and the Provision of Information in Patient Care

  • Describes the varying patient needs a nurse should be aware of
  • Guidelines on how a nurse can meet individual needs while also meeting guidelines and protocols
  • Explanation of the differing stages cancer: from the explanation, to the end of treatment
  • Advice is given on how to approach different questions the patient might have during the treatment stage and how to react if the cancer reoccurs or goes into remission
  • Explanation of the terminal phase of cancer
  • Guidelines on making the most of the multidisciplinary team
  • Lists and explains the various specialized nurse counseling roles

This chapter, in reviewing the importance of communication and information in the provision of patient care, also demonstrates the importance of the nurse's role in such provision. It emphasises the opinion that the value of the nurse-patient relationship can never be over estimated and, as a source of information and support, the nurse is irreplaceable.

Contents include

  • Different patient needs a nurse should be aware of
  • How can a nurse meet individual needs?
  • Guidelines and protocols
  • Diagnosis
  • Setting the scene
  • At the start and during active treatment
  • Clinical trials
  • Remission and recurrence
  • Signs to be aware of
  • The terminal phase
  • Making the most of the multi-disciplinary team
  • Specialised nurse counselling roles
  • References
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BSc, Helen M. Schutt Trust Fellow
Doreen has more than 25 years experience in community and professional education, and has worked as a Senior Research Associate in Oregon in the USA, and as Director of the Cancer Information and Support Service (CISS) in Victoria. She has supervised CISS in Victoria since January 1990, designing and developing the model which, in 1994, was voted the Australian model for cancer information and support. Doreen led the Cancer Information Service Short Course at the World Conference for Cancer Organisations in Melbourne in March 1996 and, together with Christy Thomsen from the National Cancer Ins...

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