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The Patient Nurse

The discovery that our power truly does come from the same source as our wounds helps us to see the nurse as wounded healer, to see the patient in every nurse, . . . and the nurse in every patient. To explore this mystery is to open ourselves to the realm of spirituality; to the gifts of wonder, heightened awareness, deeper connections, and the possibilities of a fuller life even in the face of suffering and death.

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Hospital pastoral car, palliative care counselling
Linda Walter trained as a nurse at Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne and at Royal Melbourne Hospital. She nursed in Geelong, Australia, and the UK before marrying and raising a family. For the past fifteen years she has trained and worked in hospital pastoral care and counselling. She is active in the Christian feminist movement and in 1989 she co-authored, with Janet Nelson, a book on feminism and Christianity called Women of Spirit, published by St Mark's National Theological Centre in Canberra. Linda now lectures in palliative care, and counsels from her home in Melbourne.

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