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The Relatives' Perspective

  • Describes common issues faced by aged persons and their relatives, including changes to accommodation, routines and meeting new people
  • Provides suggestions for nurses to assist aged persons and their relatives to cope with aged related issues including failing health and death
  • Includes the authors' personal accounts, which give a greater insight into the concerns faced by loved ones and their relatives

This chapter explores some of the common issues faced by aged persons and their relatives. It provides useful food for thought for nurses who wish to provide professional empathetic care for family members faced with the responsibility of admitting their relative to an aged care facility. It informs on how nurses can provide invaluable information and assistance in this daunting responsibility.

Contents include

  • Finding new accommodation
  • A new world and new people
  • New daily routines
  • Failing health
  • Activities
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Author / Editor Biographies

Julia Fountain is the regional program manager for Asia for Australian Volunteers International. Julia's interest in dementia care was triggered by her mother's need for care in the last twelve months of her life, and Julia made it her business to learn as much as she could about dementia nursing from the perspective of an intelligent, concerned, and committed relative. During this difficult time, Julia studied the legislation governing nursing homes and acquainted herself with all the 'ins and outs' of dementia and the care of aged people. Julia acted as her mother's advocate and closely obse...

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