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The Skin and Healing

  • Outlines the structure, function and effects of ageing on the skin
  • Includes a diagrammatic representation of wound staging and modes of healing
  • Discusses the three phases of healing and the principles of wound management
  • Refers to factors that impair healing including intrinsic and extrinsic factors

The skin is a large, complex organ that is exposed to injury, infection, and other disease processes. Many factors affect the health of the skin- including age, nutrition, hygiene, circulation, immunity, genetic traits, psychological states, and drugs. All of these factors affect wound healing. This chapter considers the anatomy and physiology of the skin, and how these factors affect the normal process of wound healing.

Contents include

  • Normal skin
    • Structure of skin
    • Functions of skin
    • Effects of ageing
  • Wounds
    • Definition
    • Classification of wounds
    • Acute and chronic wounds
  • Healing
    • Modes of healing
    • Process of wound healing
    • Principles of wound management
    • Moist wound healing
    • Factors that impair healing
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