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Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch

This chapter explores two related therapies. The origin and development of therapeutic touch (TT) and healing touch (HT) by nurses makes an interesting introduction to what are contemporary nursing applications of ancient healing techniques. A considerable amount of nursing research is now available on these therapies and examples are presented along with their application in nursing. TT and HT are healing modalities that are based on the fundamental assumption that there is a universal life energy that sustains all living organisms. Interruptions to the flow and balance of this energy are seen as resulting in impaired wellbeing and eventually illness. TT and HT belong to the group of therapies, often termed vibrational medicine or energetic based healing, where the practitioner works directly with the human energy system to restore harmony and balance (Gerber, 1988). As such, TT and HT can be placed in the company of other well known approaches to healing such as traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, naturopathy and homoeopathy.

Contents include

  • history
  • the theoretical and philosophical basis of therapeutic touch and healing touch
  • description and treatment approach
  • therapeutic touch: learning to extend our natural healing abilities
  • healing touch: a kaleidoscope of approaches
  • therapeutic touch and self.
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Author / Editor Biographies

RN, RM, BAppSci (Advanced Nursing Education), MEd, FRCNA and FACM.
Jane is a nurse-midwife and healer. She has a private practice and consultancy in healing and education. She is a teacher and practitioner of Therapeutic Touch and a practitioner of Healing Touch and Kinesiology. Jane has extensive experience in women's health, especially birthing. She also has a background in administration as a senior nursing adviser in the Victorian Health Department in Australia. She was a senior lecturer at the Australian Catholic University and continues to guest lecture at several universities. Jane is also a member of the inaugural Nurses Board of Victoria. Jane conduc...

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