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Palliative Care in Chronic Illness
Added: 05/04/2012
Currently, contemporary health care systems are poorly designed to meet their palliative care needs. As a consequence, many people with chronic illnesses either fall between the gaps or receive inappr...opriate or ineffective care. The delivery of sub-optimal care contributes to increased health care costs and causes unnecessary suffering, especially when clinically futile treatments are administered or symptoms are poorly managed. In addition, increasing access to care provides a conundrum in withdrawing and withholding treatment. This chapter explores a range of palliative care issues for people suffering from illnesses other than cancer and provides discussion of the implications for policy, practice and research.
Palliative Care in Chronic Illness
Added: 21/07/2009
This chapter is concerned with specialist palliative care of people suffering from illnesses other than cancer and specifically with the provision of specialist palliative care for adults because s...pecialist palliative-care services for children are already predominantly concerned with those experiencing conditions other than cancer.
Diabetes and Its Impact on the Ageing Pe...rson
Added: 22/05/2009
Ageing people requiring care are somewhat at the mercy of those responsible for their care. This situation necessitates a current knowledge of diabetes management and care from attendant health care p...rofessionals. In addition, those preparing meals need some guidance to ensure the provision of healthy and nutritious meals. Carers need to be alert to potential complications of diabetes (e.g. sick days, foot injuries, side effects of insulin administration) and must know how to respond to these situations so as to minimise problems. This chapter reviews the clinical signs and symptoms of diabetes and discusses the impact of this disease upon the person and the carer.
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