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Sleep Tight- No Snoring
Sleep Tight- No Snoring
Nursing Lecture
Added: 23/10/2017
There is increasing research about the importance of sleep not only to our physical health but also our mental well being. In this lecture Dr Clare Anderson explains the normal changes in sleep that o...ccur due to advancing age. Learn about some of the key sleep concepts and why men and women sleep differently.
Pathophysiology: Impact of Alcohol on Humans
Pathophysiology: Impact of Alcohol on Hu...mans
Nursing Lecture
Added: 16/05/2016
Why is it that, despite alcohol being high in kilojoules, it is poor in nutrition? Why does malnutrition exist alongside heavy drinking?...
Fatty Liver Disease: Responsive or Risky Treatment
Fatty Liver Disease: Responsive or Risky... Treatment
Nursing Lecture
Added: 02/05/2016
Could you be at risk? Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease affects up to a third of the global population. Obesity is a strong risk factor for the development of this disease. Many people with this have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis and liver-related death.
The Relationship Between Amino Acids and Atherosclerosis
The Relationship Between Amino Acids and... Atherosclerosis
Nursing Lecture
Added: 03/02/2016
Taurine and homocysteine are essential amino acids that regulate metabolism and function....
Coeliac Disease - An Under-Diagnosed Condition?
Coeliac Disease - An Under-Diagnosed Con...dition?
Nursing Lecture
Added: 02/07/2015
Public awareness of gluten intolerance has increased in recent years, yet coeliac disease - affecting 1 in 70 Australians - remains under diagnosed. In this Nursing Lecture, Dr. Jason Tye-Din describe...s the causes, presentation and diagnosis of coeliac disease and provides advice on management.
Nursing Lecture
Added: 27/06/2014
Hear from Kate Emond as she provides a snapshot of what depression is and the symptoms we need to look out for as nurses. With so much information now available on depression, it is important to sourc...e reliable and up-to-date information where ever possible.
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