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Chronic Illness: Counselling Tips
Chronic Illness: Counselling Tips
Nursing Lecture
Added: 26/06/2017
Sometimes, many of those in our care simply need to talk, and although formal counselling sessions are very effective in clarifying a persons concerns and goals, there are many occasions where qualifi...ed counsellors are not available to help ease the person’s concerns. Nurses are unique amongst the healthcare professions in that they are frequently presented with opportunities to initiate informal counselling sessions with those in their care and their significant others. However, informal sessions still require appropriate techniques and structures in order for them to be effective, and this lecture explores these issues and provides guidance to achieving good outcomes from such small, informal counselling sessions.
Gold Nuggets for Communicating with Colleagues
Gold Nuggets for Communicating with Coll...eagues
Nursing Lecture
Added: 03/11/2016
Too little? Too much? Too quiet? Too bossy? Are these ever the type of communication dilemmas that face you in your workplace?...
Building Your Communication Confidence in Teams
Building Your Communication Confidence i...n Teams
Nursing Lecture
Added: 01/11/2016
In this session we will look at effective communication that helps build successful teams. Unpack common barriers to communication. Come away knowing what makes you feel valued, how to best show your ...appreciation for the people you work closely with and build great teams!
Cancer - Non-Pharmacological Pain Management Strategies
Cancer - Non-Pharmacological Pain Manage...ment Strategies
Nursing Lecture
Added: 31/10/2016
A review of modern non-pharmacological methods for pain reduction in people with cancer. ...
Pragmatic Language Skills in Children with Hearing Loss
Pragmatic Language Skills in Children Hearing Loss
Nursing Lecture
Added: 27/07/2016
Communication is an essential developmental goal. Children learn to speak at their own pace; however, hearing is critical to speech development. ...
ADHD: Current Understanding and Management
ADHD: Current Understanding and Manageme...nt
Nursing Lecture
Added: 25/07/2016
There is debate and controversy surrounding the use of medications for ADHD. In the US, one in 11 children is now diagnosed with the condition and many are medicated. Nurses caring for children with A...DHD are often faced with children who present with a physical problem or minor injury or fracture and need to know how to assist them and their families appropriately.
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