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Infection Prevention and Control in the Tropics - Practical Nursing Care
Infection Prevention and Control in the ...Tropics - Practical Nursing Care
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Added: 24/10/2016
The luxury of resources such as clean running water, gloves and gowns is not always afforded in tropical environments. However, the necessity to uphold the highest standards of infection prevention an...d control is essential.
Ageing at Home: Practical Approaches to ...Community Care
Added: 17/04/2012
This book is an ambitious attempt to bring together information about the many different types of services currently available and accessible to people in their own home, and what can be exp...ected of them. A perpetual dilemma faced by the service provider in whatever skill area is the need to recognise the opportunities open to encourage the further ‘ripening’ of the older person … in the face of what may be judged as decreasing abilities. eBook help: eBooks come as .mobi and .epub files and can be viewed on an eReader (Kindle, iPad, iPhone.etc) if you have one. If you don't own an eReader, you can view these files on your Mac or PC with Adobe Digital Editions, free software that lets you manage and read eBooks. To download it free, click here.
Health Records in the Home
Added: 17/06/2009
Summarises the purposes of the home health record Discusses how the home health record can empower patients by facilitating access to information, decision-making and choice. Focuses on potentia...l problems associated with keeping the health record in the home such as anxiety and ethical dilemmas Provides solutions to difficulties that may arise through keeping the health record in the home This chapter explains the advantages and potential conflicts of using home health records. It demonstrates that the rightful focus of the home health setting is the client, the care provided and the carer. It shows that the aim of community nursing is to establish a partnership between nurse and client which empowers clients to participate fully in their own care.
Cultural Issues - Their Impact on the He...alth and Care of the Ageing Person
Added: 22/05/2009
This chapter examines the issues of culture as they relate to aged care in the community. Culture can be contrasted with nature. We often assume that it is natural, or part of nature, to behave in spe...cific ways. We may even argue that we are born to hold specific kinds of values and to behave in specific ways. A whole range of possibilities, tendencies, opportunities and constraints are almost certainly built into our genetic code and hence are part of our birthright. But in fact our specific values and behaviors are learned, commencing virtually from the day we are born. Despite the current debate about how far gender differences are innate, there is indisputable evidence that these and many other personal differences are in fact learned and hence cultural in nature.
Mental Health and The Older Citizen
Added: 22/05/2009
Australians are growing older but there is no need for despair because most ageing people live independent and satisfying lives. Generally, the message is — use it or lose it! People who stay active... outside the home, and maintain their interests, remain well to an advanced age. However, it would be a mistake to believe that health problems do not increase with age. Despite improvements in nutrition and health care, and regardless of better living conditions, the fact is that most people who are ill are elderly. There are also psychiatric conditions that affect people as they grow older. Therefore, it is useful to consider the mental health problems that can occur in old age and the care required in the community. This chapter explores these issues from the unique perspective of citizenship.
Holistic Care: Why and How
Added: 22/05/2009
Health care professionals working with ageing people in a community setting deal primarily with the impact of the consequences of a disease or impairment. We assist the person — and their family and... support people — by helping them regain the overall balance in their life. But unless professionals have both the interest and skills to elicit what the impact and consequences mean to the person and their family, so that trust and an effective team approach will develop between the ageing person and the professional, a mutually satisfying outcome will not be achieved. This chapter explores the concept of integrated, holistic care and provides guidance on how this can be achieved.
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