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Clinical Nurse Consultation: Documenting... Diabetes Education, The
Added: 06/07/2009
Focuses on the six main areas relevant to DEs Includes a sample diabetes education checklist Explains how to educate patients with problem behaviours and to use documentation effectively to that they have understood their health condition Provides advice on documenting telephone conversations and includes a simulated telephone consultation form Documentation by DEs must meet the requirements of good documentation specified by nursing bodies and the law. This chapter explains these requirements and addresses specific issues relevant to the practice of diabetes education.
Appendix 3: Diabetes & Appendix 4: Nause...a
Added: 10/06/2009
Appendix 3: DiabetesVictoria Stevenson Appendix 4: NauseaRobyn Millership ...
Added: 26/05/2009
Focuses on the relationship between diabetes and foot ulcers Outlines the various types of foot ulcers Discusses neuropathic ulceration; its causes and how best to assess it Covers ischaemic ul...ceration; its causes and assessment Provides guides for managing foot ulceration using surgery, dressings and more Diabetes interferes with wound healing at several levels, and the healing of wounds in people with diabetes is often unpredictable. This chapter explores diabetes and wound care with an emphasis on the common problem of foot ulcers in diabetes.
第十四章 糖尿病 (Diabetes)
Added: 26/05/2009
第14章 :糖尿病 概述: 糖尿病会程度不同地妨碍伤口的愈合—并且糖尿病患者的伤口愈合通常是无法预期的。高血糖症改变了成纤维细胞和嗜中性...白细胞的细胞功能——从而导致较高的感染性。 糖尿病对于伤口愈合过程的普通发炎期和增生期的影响可以分为全身性影响和局部影响。 帮助病人诊断足溃疡并给以最佳的护理指导,护士在这方面的作用是举足轻重的。作为护士,应该知道面临截肢风险的人们大多是那些先前有过截肢或溃疡史的患者,他们的感觉能力都有所下降。 护士必须能够判断病人是否患有外周神经病和外周血管病,知道如何对问题做出正确评估,并能在病情恶化的情况下知道必须采取果断措施。本章还具体介绍了关于糖尿病的日常护理事项。 关键词: 高血糖症 外周神经病 外周血管疾病 伤口感染 组织缺氧 重复损伤 坏死组织 神经性溃疡 缺血性溃疡
Diabetes and Its Impact on the Ageing Pe...rson
Added: 22/05/2009
Ageing people requiring care are somewhat at the mercy of those responsible for their care. This situation necessitates a current knowledge of diabetes management and care from attendant health care p...rofessionals. In addition, those preparing meals need some guidance to ensure the provision of healthy and nutritious meals. Carers need to be alert to potential complications of diabetes (e.g. sick days, foot injuries, side effects of insulin administration) and must know how to respond to these situations so as to minimise problems. This chapter reviews the clinical signs and symptoms of diabetes and discusses the impact of this disease upon the person and the carer.
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