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Nurse Managers: A Guide to Practice - 2n...d Edition
Added: 26/04/2012
The critical role that good management plays in the operational environment remains undiminished. Many managers function within extremely complex organisations, and healthcare is a cardinal example. N...urses in operational management roles are faced with competing demands and priorities that necessitate a broad range of skills and knowledge, and for the new manager in particular, meeting these demands can be a significant challenge. Of course, the underlying principles of management remain common across industries, but the context within which they are applied can require industry-specific knowledge in order to achieve the best of outcomes. The revised and updated edition of Nurse Managers- A Guide to Practice (2nd Edition) covers these principles within the healthcare context, and has particular relevance for any nurse new to a leadership position. The content takes a practical approach and provides an overview on a number of relevant topics that will give all managers a solid foundation upon which to base their management practice. Guidance is provided on the changes that may be expected to occur when moving from a clinically focused role to one of management, and the authors emphasize the importance of inspiring staff through motivation and leadership. A range of human resource issues such as fair rostering and performance management are explored, as are the current best practice principles for essential tasks such as designing position descriptions, staff recruitment and employee retention. Since no manager can function without some financial aptitude, there is an introduction to budgeting, and core principles for the management of information are outlined. Finally, the involvement of consumers in health service delivery is also explored- including dealing effectively with complaints- and additional information is provided on managing the concerns of relatives, amongst many, many other topics. The eBook Nurse Managers- A Guide to Practice (2nd Edition) is compatible with most eReader devices and software and is now available for members to download. Subscription also entitles members to access the full range of resources that compliment and build upon the material described within Nurse Managers- A Guide to Practice (2nd Edition), including a richly populated catalogue of Audio Lectures, Fast Facts and Video Learning Activities on the topics of management, human resources, ethics, workplace relationships and a wide range of other management issues. Both members and non-subscribers alike may also purchase a hard copy of this book of from the Ausmed Education Online Bookstore, along with hard copies of the complimentary publication Assertiveness and the Manager’s Job.
Nursing Documentation in Aged Care: A Gu...ide to Practice
Added: 19/04/2012
The title of this book is carefully chosen. All of the contributors to Nursing Documentation in Aged Care: A Guide to Practice firmly believe that nursing documentation in aged care -- if performed pride and professionalism -- is truly a guide to practice. Documentation is a wonderful opportunity to record and reflect upon all that is good in nursing. In addition to their ethical and professional responsibilities, caring nurses are aware of the personal satisfaction to be gained from documenting their holistic and reflective nursing practice. This book shows how nursing assessments, care plans, and progress notes can allow nurses to share their knowledge, observations, and skills. This is more than a ‘how-to do-it’ workbook. With contributions from a range of experts, this comprehensive evidence-based textbook explores the issues surrounding documentation and reveals the importance of professional communication within multidisciplinary teams.
Nursing Documentation: Writing What We D...o
Added: 17/04/2012
The process of documenting and recording nursing care has reached a new art form with the use of specially designed forms, integrated patient records and computer technology. In this book, documentati...on takes on a new value and new meaning as it reveals not only how nurses write but how they obtain information on which to base the care and services they provide as well as the quality of that care. It has much to offer to the practising nurse, the nurse academic or the casual reader. It provides useful and meaningful insights into the progress of the nursing profession over the last twenty years.eBook help: eBooks come as .mobi and .epub files and can be viewed on an eReader (Kindle, iPad, iPhone.etc) if you have one. If you don't own an eReader, you can view these files on your Mac or PC with Adobe Digital Editions, free software that lets you manage and read eBooks. To download it free, click here.
Charting the Waters of Client's Emotions
Added: 06/07/2009
Explains the importance of documenting clients' emotions and how this can be done, using a thorough list of 'feeling' words Includes a relevant case study to enhance understanding of the involved in determining a patient's emotional status Advises on when to document a patients' emotional status Informs on problem-orientated (SOAP) documentation Advises on how to document difficult emotions and handle suicidal clients using the 'SAD PERSONS' scale and also describes some facts and myths associated with suicide This chapter emphasises the importance of including clients' subjective or emotional responses in nursing documentation. Whether your client is an in-patient in a general or psychiatric hospital, a resident in a nursing home or a community health client, documenting their emotional status helps inform other team members, so the most appropriate care can be planned and implemented.
Clinical Nurse Consultation: Documenting... Diabetes Education, The
Added: 06/07/2009
Focuses on the six main areas relevant to DEs Includes a sample diabetes education checklist Explains how to educate patients with problem behaviours and to use documentation effectively to that they have understood their health condition Provides advice on documenting telephone conversations and includes a simulated telephone consultation form Documentation by DEs must meet the requirements of good documentation specified by nursing bodies and the law. This chapter explains these requirements and addresses specific issues relevant to the practice of diabetes education.
Legal Issues in Documentation
Added: 06/07/2009
Discusses specific legal principles relating to the provision of medical and nursing care Explains the processes when nursing records are called into question Points out the advantages of records updated At no point can you afford to be careless in your attitude towards documenting nursing care. Inadequate records may give the client's account of the circumstances surrounding the care more credence than your hazy recollection. In this chapter, learn about the importance of contemporaneous record keeping, about the legal complications of poor documentation and more.
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