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Incidents and Reporting
Incidents and Reporting
Nursing Lecture
Added: 24/02/2017
Documentation is an essential component of aged care. Knowing what to document and when, as well as ensuring appropriate documentation in relation to incidents and health care errors is essential....
'Stressed Out' - Physical Responses to a Harsh Environment
'Stressed Out' - Physical Responses to a... Harsh Environment
Nursing Lecture
Added: 14/12/2016
The physical experience of being incarcerated permanently or even temporarily in a correctional facility is likely to lead to adverse physical and psychological effects. How does a typical prison or c...orrectional environment, where isolation and sensory deprivation are commonplace, impact the body's stress response?
Smoking Cessation - How do Prisoners Quit Smoking?
Smoking Cessation - How do Prisoners Qui...t Smoking?
Nursing Lecture
Added: 13/12/2016
The decline in smoking rates in the general public has not been replicated in the correctional setting. Furthermore, the experience of forced abstinence from cigarettes may be much more difficult in t...his environment. Most existing smoking cessation (SC) studies are quantitative and focus on smoking prevalence and/or the efficacy of behavioural or pharmacological interventions. This session will present a qualitative study that examined recently smoking prisoners engaged in a period of SC that was not necessarily of their choosing.
Make a Difference for Asthma and COPD - Suspect, Detect and Protect
Make a Difference for Asthma and COPD - ...Suspect, Detect and Protect
Nursing Lecture
Added: 12/12/2016
Asthma and COPD are chronic disorders that occur more frequently in people in prisons compared than in the general population. In addition, the high number of prisoners who smoke, or were previously a...ble to, requires that these respiratory conditions are well understood. This session will review the nurse's role in screening, assessing, managing and providing patient education, including the correct use of inhaled medicines.
Nutrition Solutions - Dietary Guidelines for Prisons
Nutrition Solutions - Dietary Guidelines... for Prisons
Nursing Lecture
Added: 09/12/2016
Quality nutrition in correctional settings represents a huge opportunity for improvements in health outcomes. This session looks at the history, challenges and solutions related to nutrition in correc...tional settings. Includes: History of food and nutrition in the correctional setting Chronic disease and nutrition research QCS Food and Nutrition Policy and nutritional guidelines Positive effects of providing optimal nutrition to prisoners Challenges to providing optimal nutrition to prisoners Nutrition solutions - how to encourage prisoners to make better nutrition and lifestyle choices.
Poor Staffing - Part One
Poor Staffing - Part One
Nursing Lecture
Added: 21/03/2016
This lecture is part one of a two-part series. This special legal session looks at your management culpability when only insufficiently experienced or unfamiliar staff are working on a busy shift in y...our unit. There may be all sorts of reasons why you find yourself under-resourced for the level of acuity of patients. However, this causes a risk situation that you have to manage.
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