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A Short History of a Big Idea: The Joann...a Briggs Institute 1996-2006
Added: 26/04/2012
This book overviews the establishment of the Joanna Briggs Institute and its rapid development as an international leader in the promotion and facilitation of evidence-based health care. Medical, nur...sing and allied health practices have traditionally been founded on knowledge and expertise handed down from predecessors. It is now recognised that effective, appropriate professional practice is based on sound evidence provided through research. Today the JBI remains the only organization in the world actively involved in the synthesis, transfer and utilisation of evidence for clinical decision-making. A Short History of a Big Idea is a record and a celebration of the Institute‚Äôs evolution, its successes and its failures, its connection with service, its methodological development and its international growth across 38 countries in all five continents of the world.
Research Piece A: Lymphoedema
Added: 26/08/2009
Research Piece A: Lymphoedema...
Making Evidence Meaningful; Back to the ...Future
Added: 02/08/2009
Chapter 5This Chapter discusses how the Institute developed a distinctive approach to the translation (systematic review), transfer (guideline production) and utilisation (development of systems for i...mplementation) of the best available evidence.Chapter 6This chapter acts as a retrospective of the time the Institute has been open and discusses plans for the future.
The Joanna Briggs Collaboration
Added: 02/08/2009
This chapter discusses how the Joanna Briggs Institute in Adelaide, South Australia, collaborated with not only other Australian states, but also with cities and countries around the world....
Innovation for Improved Practice (eviden...ce-based health care)
Added: 02/08/2009
This Chapter discusses how by 2002 information overload and nihilism had become a very real problem for all types of practitioners. The Institute recognised that it was not enough to provide and technology for researchers; clinicians and students also needed these facilities. As the evidence-based approach gathered momentum and the volume of information intensified, it was clear that clinicians also needed to understand how to evaluate the quality of evidence. The evidence-based movement was dictating that practice be supported by evidence; a new skill base was required within the industry that would break down the barriers between science (research) and applied science (practice). Critical appraisal was becoming a vital component of health care practice if clinicians were to become more effective decision makers in practice.
Emerging Methodologies: an Evolution of ...Idea (Joanna Briggs)
Added: 02/08/2009
This Chapter discusses how continued methodological innovation will continue to play a significant role in the future of the Institute. As the Institute and collaboration continue to expand, and th...e necessity for contextually meaningful information becomes increasingly apparent, the Institute will no doubt work towards strategies to deal with such issues.
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