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The Challenge - Acute on Chronic Pain
The Challenge - Acute on Chronic Pain
Nursing Lecture
Added: 23/02/2015
Sue Querruel says that acute pain management for surgical patients who experience chronic pain can be a challenge for many nurses. In this session, learn about the treatment and best practice assessme...nt that will enable you to tackle this challenge head on.
Surgical Nursing- What's Old is New Again
Surgical Nursing- What's Old is New Agai...n
Nursing Lecture
Added: 16/02/2015
As surgical units become busier and more complex than ever, how do we meet these challenges and keep up with the need to provide care for increasingly complex patients? What is old that can become new... again?
Changes and Challenges in Surgical Nursing
Changes and Challenges in Surgical
Nursing Lecture
Added: 22/01/2015
The nature of surgical procedures today and the increasing co-morbidity of patients are just some of the impacts on surgical nursing practice. Sue Querruel says that surgical patients are more comple...x than ever, presenting unique challenges for nurses working in this speciality.
People Die at Night- What Can I Say?
People Die at Night- What Can I Say?
Nursing Lecture
Added: 10/11/2014
Very few nurses may be educated in the art of professional communication despite effective communication being fundamental to nursing practice. In this lecture, Professor Margaret O'Connor discusses t...he principles of effective communication and provides some techniques and tools that you can use to deal with difficult conversations, including giving bad news at night.
Palliative Care at Night- Is There a Difference?
Palliative Care at Night- Is There a Dif...ference?
Nursing Lecture
Added: 03/11/2014
Does palliative care change at night? Is palliative care just terminal care? What is end-of-life care and how does it relate to palliative care? In this session, Professor Margaret O’Connor talks ab...out how we can support ‘dying well’ in acute, aged care and non-specialist palliative care environments.
Fast Facts: Multiple Sclerosis
Added: 24/03/2014
The diagnostic criteria for Multiple Sclerosis MS has recently been revised and there has been significant progress made in the search for contributing factors towards the development of this conditio...n. These advances, in addition to new developments in imaging, are assisting health care professionals to diagnose, and in some cases, treat this condition in its early stages. This Fast Facts: Multiple Sclerosis publication identifies new treatments that are now available and emphasises the great sense of optimism that presently accompanies current advancements in research and treatment. The shift in focus of research around the treatment of this condition is described and the latest evidence on disease pathomechanism, clinical aspects and modern diagnostic criteria, and novel therapies, is presented. There is also a strong emphasis placed on the importance of multidisciplinary management of patients with MS throughout this useful handbook. 
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