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ECT – Historical Context, Stigmas and Myths
ECT – Historical Context, Stigmas and ...Myths
Nursing Lecture
Added: 28/04/2017
There are many emotional stigmas as well as myths associated with the use of ECT. This session will look at some of these and clarify points of concern. Cover image republished with permission from ht...tps:// - Winwick Hospital, Electroconvulsive therapy, 1957
'Stressed Out' - Physical Responses to a Harsh Environment
'Stressed Out' - Physical Responses to a... Harsh Environment
Nursing Lecture
Added: 14/12/2016
The physical experience of being incarcerated permanently or even temporarily in a correctional facility is likely to lead to adverse physical and psychological effects. How does a typical prison or c...orrectional environment, where isolation and sensory deprivation are commonplace, impact the body's stress response?
What to do When People Worry About Being Sick
What to do When People Worry About Being... Sick
Nursing Lecture
Added: 02/11/2016
At a time when a person needs all the strength they can muster to get fit and well again, they may find they are held back by a deep sense of worry and loss of control over their life. They may have a... condition which will never heal and which causes them to live in a perpetual state of anticipatory fear.
Are My Hormones Making Me Moody?
Are My Hormones Making Me Moody?
Nursing Lecture
Added: 06/06/2016
A key function of hormones is to regulate mood and cognition. For women in particular, fluctuations across the lifespan of hormones such as oestrogen and progesterone can have mild to extreme effects ...on mood. What research is there investigating the link between hormones and mental health?
Ann Morgan Essay Prize Winner 2014 - 'The Hall of Mirrors'
Ann Morgan Essay Prize Winner 2014 - 'Th...e Hall of Mirrors'
Nursing Lecture
Added: 25/01/2016
The Ann Morgan Prize is offered annually, by the Victorian Branch of the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health in honour of Dr Ann Morgan a pioneer and brilliant clinician in this field. It an invited story in any format of some clinical work with an infant. This prize-winning essay is a description of the work with an anxious mother of a baby who refused to eat and her struggle to see her baby in a positive light.
Surviving Cancer - What Works and What Needs Work?
Surviving Cancer - What Works and What N...eeds Work?
Nursing Lecture
Added: 28/10/2015
Jane is a passionate and inspirational storyteller. She incorporates this talent into her roles as a speaker, marriage celebrant and writer. Jane believes that storytelling is the best way to celebrat...e life and its many joyful moments but she understands that there are times when you simply cannot feel that there is anything to celebrate. When you are dealing with challenging life events or high levels of stress it can be very hard to find joy in life. This final session will inspire and uplift you.
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