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Nurse Practitioners = Emerging Roles, Te...chnology and Tension
Added: 02/05/2012
"As people live longer, increased numbers of skilled nurse practitioners are urgently needed to meet the changing needs of communities; in particular, access to effective and inexpensive health care. ...We are witnessing a dramatic increase in the average life expectancy in some populations. This is due to general improvements in health, such as access to antibiotics, clean food and water, as well as improvements in illness preventions, diagnosis, diet and exercise..." One important aspect of 'why the world needs nurses' is looking at the contemporary and future role of nurses. That is to say, Nurse Practitioners have been a significant development in the current practice and perception of the nursing profession. Not only have they provided greater efficiency within the health care system, but they have also extended the influence of nurses in recognised positions of authority. All of these topics are raised and discussed in this prescient and fascinating chapter. 
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