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A Fair Go All Round
A Fair Go All Round
Nursing Lecture
Added: 18/09/2015
There is a well known test for the way employees have been disciplined, including having their employment terminated, that is referred to as “has the employee been given a fair go all round?” ...
Fear and Anxiety - Allaying an Occupational Hazard
Fear and Anxiety - Allaying an Occupatio...nal Hazard
Nursing Lecture
Added: 12/12/2014
Have you ever driven home from work and worried that you forgot to document something important? Well rest assured, you're not alone. Anticipatory fear and anxiety are an occupational hazard of many h...ealth professionals. This interesting session by Heather Harris looks at what causes nurses and midwives to worry and how this can be managed.
Aggression Management and Safety
Aggression Management and Safety
Nursing Lecture
Added: 04/08/2014
A person with a mental illness may become aggressive towards you when they are afraid or frustrated. In this lecture, Kate Emond explains that there are ways for you to manage this fear and frustratio...n so that hostility doesn't escalate into verbal and physical abuse.
Nurse Managers: A Guide to Practice - 2n...d Edition
Added: 26/04/2012
The critical role that good management plays in the operational environment remains undiminished. Many managers function within extremely complex organisations, and healthcare is a cardinal example. N...urses in operational management roles are faced with competing demands and priorities that necessitate a broad range of skills and knowledge, and for the new manager in particular, meeting these demands can be a significant challenge. Of course, the underlying principles of management remain common across industries, but the context within which they are applied can require industry-specific knowledge in order to achieve the best of outcomes. The revised and updated edition of Nurse Managers- A Guide to Practice (2nd Edition) covers these principles within the healthcare context, and has particular relevance for any nurse new to a leadership position. The content takes a practical approach and provides an overview on a number of relevant topics that will give all managers a solid foundation upon which to base their management practice. Guidance is provided on the changes that may be expected to occur when moving from a clinically focused role to one of management, and the authors emphasize the importance of inspiring staff through motivation and leadership. A range of human resource issues such as fair rostering and performance management are explored, as are the current best practice principles for essential tasks such as designing position descriptions, staff recruitment and employee retention. Since no manager can function without some financial aptitude, there is an introduction to budgeting, and core principles for the management of information are outlined. Finally, the involvement of consumers in health service delivery is also explored- including dealing effectively with complaints- and additional information is provided on managing the concerns of relatives, amongst many, many other topics. The eBook Nurse Managers- A Guide to Practice (2nd Edition) is compatible with most eReader devices and software and is now available for members to download. Subscription also entitles members to access the full range of resources that compliment and build upon the material described within Nurse Managers- A Guide to Practice (2nd Edition), including a richly populated catalogue of Audio Lectures, Fast Facts and Video Learning Activities on the topics of management, human resources, ethics, workplace relationships and a wide range of other management issues. Both members and non-subscribers alike may also purchase a hard copy of this book of from the Ausmed Education Online Bookstore, along with hard copies of the complimentary publication Assertiveness and the Manager’s Job.
Practical Approaches to Infection Contro...l in Residential Aged Care - 2nd Edition
Added: 20/04/2012
The overwhelming success of the first edition of Infection Control has led to this new revised edition. Presented in a no-nonsense, straightforward style, this easy-to-read text is a concise manual to... infection control and prevention. Despite significant advances in prevention and therapy, infectious disease is an ever-present threat. And the changing nature of infectious disease means that nurses, health-care staff, and ancillary staff must continually update their knowledge and skills with regard to the sources, transmission, prevention, and treatment of infections. Practical Approaches to Infection Control in Residential Aged Care provides this essential knowledge in an easily accessible format. The text features a clear division into logical sections, generous use of bullet points for ease of understanding, frequently asked questions and answers, a comprehensive glossary, a readily accessible index, lists of useful contacts, and notifiable infectious diseases and references. It is thus a thorough and functional guide to this vital subject.
Occupational Health and Safety
Added: 01/11/2011
The nature of nursing means that every day many nurses are injured or become ill as a result of work. Causes include physical violence, ergonomic hazards (such as manual handling), exposure to infecti...ous diseases (airborne, blood borne and direct contact), fatigue (due to physically and mentally demanding work), work organisation and shift work, radiation (ionising and non-ionising), handling toxic drugs and exposure to chemicals. Nurse managers, whether employed by government departments or private organisations, are dependent on the work conditions and resources provided by that employer. They must therefore be advocates for their own occupational health and safety (OHS), and be proactive in providing a high standard of occupational health and safety for the people in their sphere of responsibility.
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