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Pragmatic Language Skills in Children with Hearing Loss
Pragmatic Language Skills in Children Hearing Loss
Nursing Lecture
Added: 27/07/2016
Communication is an essential developmental goal. Children learn to speak at their own pace; however, hearing is critical to speech development. ...
ADHD: Current Understanding and Management
ADHD: Current Understanding and Manageme...nt
Nursing Lecture
Added: 25/07/2016
There is debate and controversy surrounding the use of medications for ADHD. In the US, one in 11 children is now diagnosed with the condition and many are medicated. Nurses caring for children with A...DHD are often faced with children who present with a physical problem or minor injury or fracture and need to know how to assist them and their families appropriately.
Developmental Abnormalities
Added: 28/02/2013
Developmental abnormalities of the vulva and vagina are commonly manifest at birth but may also present during delayed puberty, sexual intercourse or during an obstructed labour. Divided into conditio...ns where the gender of the genitalia is not in question, and those where there are various degrees of clitoral enlargement, labial fusion and where gonadal abnormalities show one or more facets of male genitalia, this chapter describes the conditions associated with each of these conditions in turn, and describes contemporary management options. The first section- malformations that do not lead to sexual ambiguity- begins by describing the very rare phenomena of the double vulva and the more common condition of cysts of the canal of Nuck. Dermoid cysts are then discussed, followed by vascular malformations, dilatations and their treatment. The author then moves on to the topics of congenital lymphedema and the imperforate hymen, cautioning that complications of an imperforate hymen may become especially worrying with the onset of menstruation. Transverse, longitudinal and non-midline longitudinal and oblique vaginal septa are the next topic for consideration, and the author makes good use of medical imagery to illustrate his discussion. Double vaginas, vaginal hypoplasia, atresia and agenesis are then briefly outlined and the section concludes with the topics of DES associated abnormalities, Gartner’s duct cysts, epispadias, hypospadias and vaginal fistulas. The second sectioned is concerned with malformations that are associated with ambiguous external sexual organs, where gender cannot be easily assigned by visual inspection. Topics covered include gonadal dysgenesis, ovarian dysgenesis, testicular dysgenesis and true hermaphroditism. The eChapter concludes with a brief discussion on the investigation and treatment of intersex. This eChapter forms part of the Ausmed publication The Vulva and Vaginal Manual, edited by Graeme Dennerstein, James Scurry, John Brenan, David Allen and Maria-Grazia Marin. A richly illustrated and comprehensive guide to the identification and treatment of over 275 vulvovaginal diseases The Vulva and Vagina Manual is an invaluable resource especially suitable for: Gynecologists Dermatologists General Practitioners Obstetricians Midwives General nurses Practice nurses Nurse Practitioners There are also 14 additional eChapters from The Vulva and Vaginal Manual available for members to download from the Ausmed website. Subscription also entitles members to access the full range of resources that compliment and build upon the material described within The Vulva and Vaginal Manual, including a richly populated catalogue of Audio Lectures, Fast Facts and Video Learning Activities on the topics of gynecology, obstetrics, oncology, women’s health and a wide range of other healthcare topics. Both members and non-subscribers alike may also purchase a hard copy of this book of the from the Ausmed Education Online Bookstore, along with hard copies of the complimentary publication Gynecological Cancer Care: A Guide to Practice.
Care of Sick Children: A Basic Guide
Added: 17/04/2012
As the first volume in Ausmed’s new ‘Basic Guide’ series, Care of Sick Children: A Basic Guide provides expert, practical, child-centered advice for parents and carers who care for children. The... book assumes that readers have no formal medical or nursing knowledge and technical jargon has been deliberately kept to a minimum. All readers, no matter what their professional background, can pick up this book with confidence, knowing that they will be able to follow what is being said. Care of Sick Children: A Basic Guide is for all those parents and carers who have felt the anxiety of not knowing what they should do when a previously well child in their care is suddenly injured, or unexpectedly becomes ill.
Paediatric Palliative Care
Added: 05/04/2012
Palliative care for children and adolescents is a relatively new specialty area. It has been developing in Australia since the late 1990s. Although the principles of adult palliative care can be appli...ed to children and adolescents, the context of palliative care for them differs in significant ways. Compared with adults, there are fewer children and adolescents requiring palliative care. In developed countries such as Australia, the number of children and adolescents aged between 0–19 years likely to require palliative care services is estimated as 16 per 10 000. This chapter provides an overview of the issues involved in child and adolescent palliative care, and strategies that can be used in a comprehensive approach to care.
Paediatric Palliative Care
Added: 21/07/2009
Paediatric palliative care can be an emotive clinical issue. Although some issues in palliative care are similar in adults and children, there are several striking differences. These differences distinctive challenges to nurses who care for children with life-threatening conditions and their families. This chapter provides an overview of the issues involved in paediatric palliative care and the strategies that can be used in a comprehensive approach to care.
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