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What To Do When the Treatment is Not Working?
What To Do When the Treatment is Not Wor...king?
Nursing Lecture
Added: 21/10/2015
When treatment fails it poses a range of challenges for all concerned. This session looks at some practical aspects of this situation....
Added: 04/06/2012
This chapter includes the preliminary information found in, and relating to, the second edition of Palliative Care Nursing: A Guide to Practice. It offers nurses and healthcare professionals an eviden...ce-based approach to providing better care for people in palliative care and for those who love and support them.
Grief: It Won't be the Same Without Him
Added: 01/05/2012
This chapter provides insights into the disruptive nature of death within a close community. It also highlights the nature of partnership when indirect carers take their place among other carers."When... our much-loved Jon died suddenly, shock waves went through the nursing home. There had been nothing to warn us that his death was imminent. What a different place the nursing home would be without his singing and his mischief. How could we ever bear a new resident being admitted to Jon’s bed? This story, a memorial to all our residents, shows how appropriate mourning within the community can preserve the memory of those residents who have died; while leaving us free to greet, appreciate and form new and enriching relationships with those residents who take their place."
Palliative Care and Aged Care: A Guide t...o Practice
Added: 24/04/2012
Since 2004 the World Health Organization has been calling for better palliative care for older people. However, the particular challenges posed for these older adults through the combination of co-morbidities, cognitive changes and reduced social support are not always fully recognised by aged care services. As such, there is a need for a comprehensive exploration of how palliative care and aged care can come together to assist older individuals achieve what might be described as a good death. Palliative Care and Aged Care- A Guide to Practice meets this need and provides nurses with an in-depth explanation of how these two specialties can work together in partnership. In providing this guide to practice, the authors acknowledge the excellent care already being provided to older people in many settings. They also acknowledge that partnerships between health professionals in aged care and palliative care are increasingly common. However, they are also aware that the concepts of palliative care are not always well understood. As such, the aim of the authors is not to shift to one extreme- the care of the dying- but rather to provide a practical guide on how to maximize the quality of life for older people until they die. Chapters are included that explore death and dying as both the historical perspective, and how it is viewed in modern society. The role of management in facilitating a partnership between the concepts of aged care and palliative care is thoroughly described, and the fundamental concepts that underpin the specialty of palliative care are explored in a manner that essentially ‘de-mystifies’ the aims of palliative care management. Law and ethics are considered in chapters on advanced care planning, and ethical decision-making ‘in context’. Two chapters are specifically dedicated to physical care, and the very complex area of palliative care of the older person with dementia. The eBook concludes with chapters on holistic care, interacting with families, and what happens after death: a topic often ignored in the literature. The eBook Palliative Care and Aged Care - A Guide to Practice is compatible with most eReader devices and software and is now available for members to download. Subscription also entitles members to access the full range of resources that compliment and build upon the material described within Palliative Care and Aged Care - A Guide to Practice including a richly populated catalogue of Audio Lectures, Fast Facts and Video Learning Activities on the topics of palliative care, aged care, communication, ethics and a wide range of other nursing issues. Both members and non-subscribers alike may also purchase a hard copy of this book of from the Ausmed Education Online Bookstore, along with hard copies of the complimentary publication Communicating with Dying People and Their Relatives.
Living Dying Caring: Life and Death in a... Nursing Home
Added: 24/04/2012
This book, written from practical experience, offers reflections on relationships within residential aged care facilities. There is a special emphasis on supporting the lifestyle choices of residents ...and the facilitation of death with dignity at the time of a resident’s death. The stories presented are humorous, sad, moving, and insightful. All healthcare professionals working in residential aged care will be able to relate to, and benefit from, the stories within this text.
Palliative Care Nursing: A Guide to Prac...tice - 3rd Edition
Added: 20/04/2012
Most nurses, at some stage of their career, will be called on to care for a dying person and so it is important that all nurses have the knowledge, skills, compassion and wisdom to care for people nea...r the end of life. Palliative Care Nursing is a reliable and useful practice guide which will be relevant to nurses in all settings. This book is committed to the principles inherent in the practice of palliative care – respect, dignity, excellence, advocacy, equity and accountability. The individual chapters are authored by an international team of nurses who offer evidence, research and strategies for providing the finest approaches for palliative care within different situations and environments. The third edition of ‘Palliative care nursing: A guide to practice’ is now available. Apart from one minor quibble – that there is little or no material on quality of life – all relevant aspects of palliative care nursing are covered. This is a comprehensive overview of palliative care nursing, from the first chapter which contextualises palliative care, through communication, the nurse-patient relationship, ethics, spirituality, symptom assessment, management of major symptoms, to wounds, delirium, intimacy, caring for families, grief and bereavement, chronic illness, dementia, the acute hospital system, and paediatric palliative care. This excellent and authoritative text for the Australian palliative care nurse is written and edited primarily by Australian nurses who are all leaders in their field. It is well set out, easy to read, evidence based, and richly referenced. - Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education The chapter topics are well chosen and encompass key issues in contemporary palliative care nursing. The chapter authors have extensively researched their allotted areas. It is now for you, the reader, to assess how to use the information to improve your practice ... I urge you to dip into those chapters that are new or a little outside your everyday experience. You will not be disappointed. - Professor Sheila Payne Director of the International Observatory on End of Life Care Help the Hospices Chair in Hospice Studies Director of the Cancer Experiences Collaborative President of the European Association for Palliative CareeBook help: eBooks come as .mobi and .epub files and can be viewed on an eReader (Kindle, iPad, iPhone.etc) if you have one. If you don't own an eReader, you can view these files on your Mac or PC with Adobe Digital Editions, free software that lets you manage and read eBooks. To download it free, click here.
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