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Transformational Leader as Teacher in a ...Rural Health Setting
Added: 09/08/2009
This chapter relays the experience of being a nursing leader in a rural health setting. It then analyses this experience and points out the lessons that can be learned from it. The chapter emphasise...s that one of the most important rules is for transformational leaders to recognise the contribution of others and to celebrate the growth of others; to share success, not to undervalue the contribution made by others or take all the glory for themselves.
Northern Territory Men: Australia's Health and Policy Neglect
Added: 30/07/2009
The Northern Territory is a unique part of Australia. It is occupied by a people whose demographic composition and social profiles do not always fit conveniently into the centralist policies designe...d to meet the collective needs of those living in the somewhat different social context of generic urban Australia. The demographic and social context of the Northern Territory represents a crucial dilemma for policy and health professionals government has recognised the unique local needs and challenges. It seeks policies and programs for its people that are innovative, compensatory and need specific. Because the prevailing social context sets the scene for lifestyle patterns, an examination of the changing social context of the Northern Territory provides crucial indicators for the social living and health issues confronting male Territorians.
Alcohol and Other Drug Issues in Contemp...orary Australia
Added: 30/07/2009
The aim of this chapter is to provide the reader with an overview of alcohol and other drug use in Australia, and to present the relationship alcohol and other drug use has to men's health. Some co...mmonly used substances and related issues are discussed; however the major emphasis is on alcohol due to its high level of use and its related problems amongst men in the Australian community.
Writing It Down in the Bush
Added: 17/06/2009
Includes tips on keeping case history notes up-to-date and relevant Discuses the importance of confidentiality with regard to patient records Focuses on auditing as a means of identifying area...s of documentation that have improved, and those that need more work The demands of documentation may seem never-ending and almost impossible to manage at a small rural centre with very few scribes on hand. However, they are highly important records and need to be kept up-to-date. This chapter provides useful suggestions for ensuring documentation standards are as good as, and perhaps better than, those of any city's multi-storey hospitals.
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