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What's Different About Children?

Children are different. They are different from adults in their anatomy, their physiology and their psychology. Most children are healthy to start with – although some are born with congenital diseases. As healthy children grow older, illnesses, injuries and the ageing process damage their bodies. Various problems begin to emerge – including heart disease, respiratory problems, and so on. This chapter describes the differences between adults and children and how this particularly is relevant when assessing the unwell child.

Contents include

  • Little adults?
  • Physical and physiological differences
  • Assessing the sick child
  • Communicating with children
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Author / Editor Biographies

Gerry has many years of paediatric nursing experience, including 16 years in the Emergency Department of the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. The last 10 years at this renowned hospital were spent as a clinical nurse educator. Gerry currently works part-time as a paediatric nurse educator at the Angliss Hospital in Melbourne and runs her own business in paediatric health education. Her teaching is consistently highly evaluated by participants who attend her lectures. Gerry is also the author of the highly successful Ausmed book entitled Care of Sick Children: A Basic Guide.

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