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"It is time to clean up, once and for all, the images and stereotypes that do not reflect the real world of nursing despite continually being perpetuated by the loudest voices and vested interests. It is time for nuress to be just as loud aand to take their rightful seats at the table of policy decision making at all levels... Nurses must take charge of thier own future and demand better universal education and status. The nursing problem is so vast taht ultimately it will take informed participation from all parties to develop a realistic solution..."

Marilyn Gendek is a respected authority of nursing within Australia, having had a diverse range of roles within the nursing profession. With this in mind, her chapter is a fascinating and insightful commentary of the current nursing profession. More specifically, she considers the incongruent role of a 'nurse'; the negative consequences of nursing stereotypes for the improvement of the profession; the further diminishing of nursing numbers and therefore the potential degradation of working conditions. However, this chapter contrasts this with a motivational and prescient discourse about the future of nursing through the inclusion of nurses in policy and role development. 

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