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Wound Bed Preparation

  • Includes a wonderful discussion of the four principles of WBP
  • Applies an easy-to-recall acronym for the principles of WBP
  • Addresses the complications that can arise in WBP

Wound-bed preparation (WBP) is increasingly recognised as being crucial to effective chronic wound management. Application of the proactive principles of WBP leads to the adoption of the best approach to the healing of chronic wounds and optimises the function of modern dressings and techniques. This chapter provides an extensive discussion on the principles in WBP and the problems that can arise in it.

Contents include

  • Definition and components of WBP
  • Principles of WBP
    • Tissue management (debridement)
      • Biosurgical debridement
      • Enzymatic debridement
      • Autolytic debridement
      • Mechanical debridement
      • Sharp (surgical) debridement
    • Infection
    • Moisture imbalance
    • Management of the edge of the wound
  • Complications in WBP
    • Osteomyelitis
    • Hypergranulation
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