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Wound Care Nursing: A Guide to Practice

At some time, all nurses can expect to manage a person with a wound. And because they spend so much time with their patients, nurses have a special opportunity to provide modern, evidence-based wound care with a person-centered focus.

Wound management no longer relies on tradition and superstition. Modern wound management is based on scientific principles and evidence-based research. The focus of modern wound management has evolved from simply surviving wounding to the rapid restoration of form and function by overcoming barriers to healing. This book provides guidance on the most contemporary approaches to wound management in a variety of contexts.

Contents include

  • Written by nurses and other health professionals, who are acknowledged experts in their various fields
  • This is a practical, easy-to-read, informative text
  • Enhanced by illustrative case studies, explanatory diagrams and photographs
  • In keeping with the evidenced-based nature of the text, this guide concludes with a list of references and a comprehensive, cross-referenced index

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Author / Editor Biographies

Nurse Practitioner Wound Management
Sue Templeton is the nurse practitioner: wound management for RDNS SA Ltd. Sue has been involved in wound management since 1987 and has extensive experience in hospital and community sectors, managing individuals with a variety of acute and chronic wounds. Sue is involved with Wounds Australia (formerly AWMA) at both a national and state level and has held several leadership positions. Sue delivers clinical care to individuals with wounds, provides clinical consultancy services, develops and delivers education to health practitioners, develops policies and tools, publishes and presents, and is...


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